Best of Two

Samantha is jut an ordinary high school chick... until these british twins come in from the UK named Harry Styles and Marcel Styles.

Harry Styles was the popular. He was very athletic, and got into the football team (and sooner became the captain), outgoing, and very outgoing. Meanwhile, Marcel is the total opposite. Nerdy, quiet, and likes to keep to himself sometimes. With Harry's oscar-winning smile and luscious curly locks, and Marcel's gelled up hair with big squared polished glasses, it's obvious to know that Harry's the hot twin.

Next thing you know, every girl is eyeing Harry Styles and Samantha has also fallen for the british charm. Knowing all the girls have better chance, with him Samantha hatches a plan to get closer to Harry. She decides to be-friend Marcel.


4. A Friend


I tested my surroundings. I noticed I was in a forest, but it felt different. It felt some how magical. I noticed what I was wearing, and it was a beautiful white dress, it was a bit loose though but not loose enough for it to fall off. It reached till my ankles and the wind was blowing it perfectly. My dark hair was nicely parted to my sides, and it was wavy, which is weird because I have never waved my hair before. But then again, I have never wore this dress before. 

I saw an opening or an exit out of this forest from the distance. From here I could see how bright is was and the flowers and grass all around. I started to walk towards it. When I got there I couldn't help but just run around everywhere. It was just gorgeous.

Then from a distance I start to see a a white stallion horse, with a man dressed in white long sleeves and white loose capris started to head my direction. As the stallion started to approach me, I slowly start to recognize who it was. The horse finally stopped when it was just inches away from me. 

"Samantha," Harry says as he gets off the white stallion. The white in this clothes made his green eyes really pop-out. I noticed how his green eyes glimmered against the sun's rays. He eyed me. "You look gorgeous." 

"T-thanks." I managed to say to him. I began to blush. He held me by the waist and pulled my body closer to his, our bodies touched. He started to lean his face unto mine.Our noses touched and he pulled a cheeky grin. He then slowly kisses me. It was passionate and soft. I kissed him back and he started to carry me bridal style.

"Harry where are you taking me?" I asked him. 

"Just the forest." He says.


"Quieter... Darker.. and you know, privater..." He says to me with a smirk. I bit my lip in response. We got to the forest and he slowly places me on him, from the soft grass. He bit my lip and I gave a slight moan in pleasure. He then slowly started to leave lovebites and kisses on my neck and shoulder.

"O-Oh, Harry..."I whisper in hi ear. My fingers were tangled in his curly mess. 

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" I start to hear.


"HARRY." I yell as I got up . I sighed and made my bed. Why did it have to be a dream. Why couldn't it have been real. It was perfect.  That dream felt so realistically good. I ended up getting crazy thoughts like, how if the dream meant something? How if the dream is trying to tell me about Harry? Are Harry and I destined to be together. 

I shook my head out of those thoughts. It was stupid how I was acting. Maybe hormones? I suddenly remember-- today's the start of my monthly period. I groaned at the thought. I checked the time and remember I had school. My first class starts at 9:00, it's already 8:00. I ended up wearing ripped light blue skinny jeans with a loose plaid red blazer over top of a black tanktop. I decided to just put my hair up in a bun. I put my hipster glasses that I put on whenever I just felt like it. They're not actual real glasses.

I hurried downstairs to the kitchen to where I hope my mother was. Instead she wasn't there, she was in her bedroom. Still sleeping. Beside her was no other than Jason. I sighed. It's okay, I'm used to it now though, I always have to make my breakfast now. 

I went to the pantry and took out some bread and cereal. I popped my bread in the toaster and prepared my cereal in my bowl. Frosted Flakes were my favourite cereal. I took eggs and bacon out and began to cook them. The toast finally finished and I put them on a plate. I began to eat my cereal and toast as I wait for the eggs and bacon to cook. I check on it from time to time.

The bacon and eggs are finally cooked and I put them both to separate plates. I took a apen and a sticky note form my green backpack. 

Dear Mom & Jason,

I made you guys breakfast. I hope you guys like it. 

x S

I put the sticky note on the table and hurriedly ate my meal. I finished and immediately went back upstairs to brush my teeth. The worst thing you can have is bad breath in high school. Literally. I mean, it''s disgusting as crap-- if Harry had super bad breath all the time, I literally would just not like him anymore. I stuffed a bunch of tampons in my backpack and left out the front door to leave for school. 


"Hey, so where is that interview with Harry?" I asked Marcel as I slam my locker shut. His locker was right next to mine so it was easy to talk to him without people thinking Marcel and I have a thing. "You know, the notes and stuff, what he answered--"

"Oh, I-I... I lost it." He said to me as he scratched his head.

"You don't sound too sure Marcel. I know you're lying to me." I say with a raise of an eyebrow. "Why couldn't we just both interview him?"

"I told you, he's a shy guy!" Marcel said.

"Hmph, oh yeah?" I look towards the direction where Harry was. He was just walking down the hall, saying hi to everybody.

"That's different." Marcel protested.

"Oh come on Marcel-- something is up. And I'm going to find out, or better yet just tell me right now." I demanded. He sighed.

"I just don't want you getting too close to Harry." He says.

"Why is THAT?" I say, a bit of anger in my voice.

"Because well, I can't  really say."

"Well, we have to interview him anyways-- and also I need pictures of the team and each person in it, that's what we forgot. Remember, deadline for the article is in 2 days."

"I know that. Fine we'll interview him." He said with a sigh. "We better start now while it's break."

We start to look for Harry around the halls, and we saw him talking with a few people form the football team. We approached him and his friends started leaving. Harry eyed me and put on a smile.

"Hello love," He says with a cheeky smile. 

"Hi," I say as I smile back. Real smooth Sam, just a 'hi' what the hell is wrong with you?! "U-Um, Marcel and I are here because we need to interview you for the football thing."

"Oh, right!" He says. "Maybe you can drop by later after-school and we'll start thi--"

"We were hoping to start it now while we have break." Marcel interrupted. I quietly groan. Why does he always have to ruin, every perfect chance. I mean, think Harry is starting to like me.

"Don't have time right now, as you can see," He said while getting his football equipment. "Coach says he wants me to do some practices, he's thinking of making me the captain."

"I'm alright with, after-school." I said with a smile. Marcel glanced from me to Harry. 

"Then it's set!" Harry says. "Okay, I have to go now, catch you guys later!"

Harry started running towards the doors leading to the football field. Marcel adjusted his glasses and pulled his sweater's collar.

"Are you okay, Marcel?" I asked. 

"Yeah, let's just get to class shall we." He said with a smile. 


"Jesus Christ Sam, you're outfit today totally speaks out 'I'm going to be Mrs. Marcel Styles!' " Louis said to me at the lunch table. Desiree and him started laughing.

"You know what, whatever-- I'm gonna go sit with Marcel." I said with a laugh.

"I kinda like how we're always alone together at our table now." Louis says before kissing Desiree.

"Me too." She says.

"You both disgust me." I replied.They both laughed. I walked to Marcel's table and sat with him.

"Hey," I said, managing a smile. "Mind telling me why you're so overprotective of me with Harry?"

"Why don't you go look for yourself." He says, nodding at Harry's direction. I eyed where he was and he had a pretty blonde in his arms. They were both smiling and giggling. What's worst is that it's Taylor. 

Taylor and I aren't really friends. She's also captain of the cheerleading squad-- but before she became overlord with popularity, her and I used to be really good friends. Ever since she got accepted to the cheerleading squad, each and every day we grew apart. I don't know what made her do this but one day she just turned.. mean. She always spazzes on me when I even just want to say "hi" when I pass her in the hallways, I just don't get it.

"Oh," I said with a let-down. "Hm, they'd be cute together."

"Harry's not a player or anything, he's just... cheeky." Marcel assured me. I nodded while still eyeing Harry and her. I could feel Marcel's stare at me. "Come on, Sam let's go." He says, getting out of his table and grabbing my arm.

"What? Where are we going Marcel?" I say to him with a laugh. 

"Well, lunch just technically started-- we have like an hour break." He says. "Remember when we went through a drive-thru at McDonalds?"

"Wait, are we doing that now?" I said. He nodded.

"Marcel, I didn't bring my wallet--"

"Stop saying that, every time you're with me, I'm paying."

He led me to his car and we both got in. We began to drive out of the school.

"Where to?" He asked me. I thought about it.

"We went to McDonalds last time... maybe let's just go to Tim Hortons!" I said. ((For people who don't know what Tim Horton's is, it's like a popular donut place in Canada))

"Tim Hortons, it is!" He says with a wide grin. 

I don't know why but I just kept staring at him for some reason. A bunch of stuff were tumbling in my mind. I was just so curious about Marcel. He's a mystery.

"Why are you being so nice, Marcel? I haven't really done anything nice for you than just boss you around." I asked seriously. He didn't answer for a minute, but then he made a small chuckle.

"Because we're friends." He says. "... And I haven't had a friend in a while."

As he kept driving, I was starring out the window. 

"I haven't had a friend in a while" 

The way he said it. Those words kept playing in my head. 

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