Second Chances.

It's been only a few months since Charlie left and shattered Zayn's world and she prays that they will never have to meet again.
Unfortunately, Charlie's world once again collides with Zayn's, when the band has to do a charity gig at her University and Charlie does everything to avoid him but somehow ends up in his arms at the end of the night.


3. -Chapter Two-


“You know, Zayn,” Louis interrupted my silence as sat in the warmth of a black car that drove away from the SYCO headquarters. “We can pull out of this charity gig…so you don’t have to see Charlie.”

We, One Direction, were just told by Uncle Simon that we would be going to different University’s for a small charity gig tour that would take up some time – in between other band matters – until we started our next tour.

I slowly removed my gaze from staring out of the window and looked at Louis with a sullen face.

“The campus is quite massive,” I said quietly, looking at the floor. “I’ll make sure I won’t run into her beforehand.”

Out of the corner of my gaze, I could see Niall start to open his mouth but then quickly clamp his jaws shut. I narrowed my eyes slightly and turned my head to look at him.

“Niall,” I warned. “What do you know?”

He looked taken aback, his eyes holding a little worry in them but kept his mouth shut. I looked at the rest of the boys, who were doing their best to keep their gazes off of me, purposely looking everywhere except where I sat.

“What aren’t you guys telling me?” I looked at them all, trying to be serious.

It’s kind of quite hard to get mad at your four best mates that you’ve been traveling with for the past three years…very hard but not impossible.

“I swear Niall, if you don’t tell me; I will bribe Paul and tell him to never let you go to Nando’s again!” I snapped, anger boiling inside of me.

Surprisingly, Niall didn’t cave in at the mention of his favorite restaurant but Louis did.

“Zayn, cool it,” he said, protectively scooting closer to Niall. I rolled my eyes and huffed, folding my arms over my chest. “Niall has been…he’s been in contact with Charlie’s best friend, Rae.”

My heart raced and then shattered at the mention of Charlie’s name, my mind instantly replaying the moment I walked into the room and she wasn’t there.

“And?” I waited for Louis to continue.

Louis ran a hand through his perfectly disheveled brown hair, “And, well, Rae signed them both up to help with getting the gig all set up and ready so…you will have to see her.”

I clenched my fists tightly at just the thought of having to see the girl – the girl who shattered my world and broke my heart – once more.

“You know you’ll have to put on an act, again,” Harry cut in, looking equally as exhausted as the rest of us. We had just gotten done with the Take Me Home Tour and we’re getting ready to start planning out the Where We Are Tour that was starting next year. “Simon is worried about you, Zayn, and you know that but you know how the press attacks a brokenhearted celebrity.”

I nodded unhappily, “I know and I’ll do my best but everyone knows I suck at acting.”

The boys laughed at that and I surprisingly joined them, shocking them because I hadn’t laughed ever since I left that hospital with my heart broken into more than two pieces.

Liam smiled reassuringly, “That’s why you got us, we’ll be there for you Zayn, we always have been and this won’t change that.”

I smile gratefully at him but it quickly disappeared and I turned my head away, my heart aching at just the thought of seeing the girl who ruined my world. You can get through this, Zayn, I told myself, forcing myself to believe it no matter what, it’s just one night, you can do this, Zayn.

Oh how I wish I could believe that…oh how I prayed that I wouldn’t have to see Charlie because I knew if I did...I’d cave in and beg Charlie to reconsider her decision. 

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