Cute and Sad Imagines

Imagines for everyone!!! I've put out (Y/N) so you can be in the story too in my next one will be imagines and preferences!! Please like Belle Niall, just ask me if you want personal imagines for my next novella


5. Cute imagine for (Y/N) Louis

You woke up, dawn and saw Louis on the couch watching television

You: Why so early? You have no work, its a day off right?

Louis: Sorry (Y/N), I'm used to this

You: its okay can I make you coffee? tea?

Louis: tea please

You make the hot tea, and bought it back to Louis

Louis: Thanks love

You sat next to Louis and he pulled you closer and hugged you

You: Louis, I've been so lonely when you went on tour

Louis: sorry babe, here *he puts the cup to the table* I'll make it up to you, Today will be just you and me

You: Yippee!

You and Louis made pillow forts, made fudge, cuddled and watched a romantic movie and kissed oh so passionately

You: Best. Day. Ever! I love it Lou!!

Louis: I love you

You: I love you too baby (Y/N)

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