To me You're Strange and Beautiful

For Matsuo Fujiziki life was normal as any other, flirting with girls and looking good . For Matsuo love has always been hard to find...most girls just liked him for his looks and maybe he could find if some body coul help him be himself.
That's where class president Youji Shinozuma comes in, hes taller thinner and more over powering then Matsuo. The president had loved Matsuo since he first saw him and doesn't know what to do about the situation.

*song for this movella is strange and beautiful by aqualung i take no credit for song or video for song*


1. Matsuo chapter 1

For Matsuo this was an exciting day, it was picture day, and he knew he looked extra good looking today. His white hair was combed to perfection, his dress shirt was a blue color and his tie black along with his dress pants and dress shoes; the only thing Matsuo hated is that his eyes are an emerald color that made him look a bit unnatural but good looking at the same time. ''Hello Matsuo-kun..'' Miki Matsuo's best friend looked at him happily and giggled. ''What ya giggling bout Miki'' Matsuo raised an eyebrow to Miki's giggling. ''It's just Matsuo you look so handsome today it's kind of silly thinking how you usually dress fancy anyway'' Miki continued her constant giggling. Matsuo shrugged her off and saw the class president walk in. ''Oh great here comes i'm so damn high and mighty!'' Matsuo frowned at the sight of the president. Matsuo couldn't understand how such a creepy know it all weirdo could be the so beautiful and hot as girls would say president that he hated. Youji himself was good looking he was taller then Matsuo by 3 inches he looked like an adult the way he styled his black hair resembled Kyouya from ouran highschool host club. Youji always wore his uniform even for picture day, and his eyes we're a seductive but icy shade of blue, and always wore his silver framed glasses that suited him perfectly. ''Remember every body only today can you wear what you want, and tomarrow you have to wear your uniforms as usual...also there will be a bake sale when we hit October that's all'' Youji bowed silently and walked to his seat in the back of the class room three rows behind Matsuo. Matsuo rolled his eyes mimicking Youji some what like the way a little kid would mimick it's parent. Class began Mrs.retusowa walked in. . ''GOOOOOOD MORNING CLASSSSS'' she was always a bubbly teacher who loved her job and making children smile. ''Good morning Mrs. retusowa'' the class replied as they took out there text books to begin Japanese history. After class Mrs. retusowa led them to get there pictures taken. Everybody was stressing about hair or make up while Matsuo was nice and calm, he noticed the president was getting his picture taken. ''he didn't even smile what the heck!'' Matsuo frowned and went to get his photo done. Smiling a sly smile the picture was taken in an instant that made girls swoon like when Youji looked at them with his stern but some what merciless look. After everybody was done getting pictures taken school was let out early cause some kid vomitted all over the bathrooms. As Matsuo started walking home he saw Youji watching him, feeling some what creeped out Matsuo ran home that night.
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