that one day

meeting them was a dream now its a reality


6. out with the old in with the new

why did she leave me. 

it was the day of the funeral and ever one was in black wat hong Anne get out into this big hole under the ground. they put her coffin in the hole a baried her I cried my eyes out while the lads comfort me I cried into nialls chest as he hugged me clost the guys did make me feel better but no one can make me feel better the my best friend/sister I will love her with all my heart. the funeral was over so we left the guys took me to the house and I ran to the couch and put my face in the pillow and cried my heart out, zayn sat by me and patted my back I turn around so I can hug him and cry in his shoulder " let it all out " zayn said while patting my back I did let all out but the pain still didnt go away so I went to the bathroom to take my make up on when I did I had an idea to let all the pain away I looked every where for a bald and found one I sat down on the bathroom floor and did it.

i cut myself I almost cried again but I fight the tears i did it five times then washed the bald and put it back were I found it and washe the blood from my wrist and went to my room and got a hoodie to hid the scars lucky it was winter and it was cold. I say down on the couch and sniffed one last time harry sat next to and put his arm around mr I laid my head down on his chest and looked at the tv, louis can in and said " u cold Mac? do u want me to turn the warm air on?" as he walked over to the thermostat and I jumped up eyes wide open and yelled " NO!!" him and harry and the rest of the lads looked at me funny. " I mean I like it cold not much of a summer girl" and sat back down louis shrugged and came and sat on the other side of me " lets pop in a movie guys!" I nodded in ok and the rest of the lads said " YAY!!" Liam put the movie in jackass I couldn't stop laughing I am almost positive I peed my pants. I whipped the tears of laghfter after niall fell on the floor

the movie was over and niall came to me " he Mac u wanna speep in my room tonight" he said rubbing the back of his neck " sure I love to " I said with I smile I got my pjs and went to lay in nialls bed " did any one you your beautiful?" I giggled at his statement and face him " yes I have niall " I chuckled to myself one last time then I felt a tickle in my tummy then laughed so hard I was ticklish every were so theres no way out then niall pin my arms down so I wouldn't move. that's when he saw it. my scares " what happen??" he 

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