House of Hades

This is how I think the House of Hades should go. Please comment and give advice.
*DANIELE GRAVES did the title picture. Please be sure to check her out*



  As we fell, I must of blacked out, because when I woke up, I was on the ground, and Annabeth was gone.

"Annabeth!" I called. Wait, I thought. Think. Your panicking. Don't go into shock. Annabeth needs you. I took a deep breath. Then another. I reached in my pocket and uncapped Riptide for the light and comfort. Come on. You have to find her. I walked for what seemed forever, until I heard a small whimper. I stopped.

"Percy?" Annabeth called out weakly. 

"Annabeth!" I sighed in relief. Her face was scrapped, and she had her bubble wrap cast was falling apart. She looked absolutely beautiful.

"Percy!" She cried. I ran over to her and hugged her. She was shivering and we just stayed like that for a little bit, until Annabeth took a deep breath. "Come on Seaweed Brain, our friends are waiting." she said and I helped her stand. She winced and I asked,

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Seaweed Brain, stop worrying." She slowly stood up and we made our way through Tatartus. Annabeth looked back and gasped. I stopped quickly. "What is it?" I asked. Something loomed out of the darkness. A spidery laugh echoed around us. "Well," It said, "You think you have won, but you have followed me into my home where we are the strongest and your little quest will fail, each one of you will die starting with you!" Arachne said triumphantly as she came out of the darkness. Annabeth gasped and backed up, so she was up agenst me. I put my arm protectively around her and looked in her gray eyes. They turned extra thunderstorm dark. She nodded and we faced Arachne.

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