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Natalia is 18 and Justin is 19. Natalia and Justin have been friends since they were 3. They have been there for each other ever since. But when memories come flushing back from when they were 12, will they be more than just "friends"? Or will there friendship be ruined?

(Warning: Sex parts are extremely detailed.)


3. *Author's Note*

Hi guys!! I know this isn't a chapter but I just wanted to tell you guys how exited I am that people are actually reading my story!!! Please comment if they are good... Well I'm going to write chapter 4 now so it will be up in a while and thanks again... :)

Here are some questions you guys can answer so I interact with you more:


What will happen between them?


What will Brandon say?


Will they go out?


For how long did they like each other?


What P.O.V. do you guys like better: Justin's or Natti's?

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