My bully's boyfriend...

People would just knock me down. But I still get up. I dust my pants off and try not to let those hurtful things get to me.


7. I need to go to the toilet


sorry, there may be some swearing...

"Out of town?" I nearly shouted. He chuckled at this, how could he find this funny?

"You haven't been out of town, haven't you?" he asked, a smile present on his lips. I shake my head no. "Don't worry, it's not that far." I sank deeper into my seat as I watched the road in front. He turned into a packed parking lot, with kids, teenagers and parents walking with their families to the entrance. I looked around and saw some small rides, but I mostly saw stalls with games, food and other stuff. Niall's slamming of the door brought me back to reality, and that's when I've realized we've parked.

"Come on, let's go." he said. I stepped out and wished that I had bought a small jacket with me because it was cold. Niall closed and locked the car before he grabbed my hand, intertwined our fingers and walked us towards the entrance. I tried to break free from his grip on my hand, but he wouldn't let me. "I won't let you go" he whispered. We walked past a couple of stalls before I started firing him with questions.

"Why did you bring me here? Aren't your friends going to be here? What about your girlfriend, Hayley? Why are you taking me out while you're with Hayley? You should be bringing Hayley here, not me. What if her friends come here and tell Hayley that I'm with you? Or you're with me? What about your friends? What if they see you with me? What are they going to think? What if the-"

"Can you stop, please? I just want to have some fun. I'll answer the questions as we go." he said, probably pissed. Oops.

"Okay, just answer this question for me." he nodded for me to continue. "Why'd you bring me here, and not Hayley?"

He sighed and looked to the ground. "I dumped her earlier tonight, she's a bitch." I looked at our intertwined fingers. He didn't really answer my question, only half of it. But, I'll ask him again later.

"What about your friends? Why didn't you take them?"

"They'd probably want to bring booze, but I'm not in the mood for some tonight."

"Aren't you sad? That you dumped Hayley?"

"No way." he laughed, shaking his head. "She's like the biggest skank in school." I chuckled at that. And it was true. "Come on, I wanna try this." he said, walking towards the stall that had big and small toys all around.

"Come right up, people! Come on right up! This is where you'll win one of the biggest toys in this whole carnival! Come on step up and if we have enough players, we'll start." The man in big, baggy pants with a moustache called from his competition stand.

"How do you play?" Niall asked the man.

"Well, you see those guns there? You gotta shoot the water from there, into that little hole there. The goal is to make the balloon burst from the water you shoot. And if your balloon bursts first, then you'll win one of these giant teddy's." the man explained the instructions.

"Okay, count me in!" he shouted excitedly.

"RIGHTO! OKAY, EVERYONE GET YOUR WATER GUNS READY!" the man yelled as he waited for the people to get their water guns ready.

"Are you going to play?" Niall whispered. I stood behind him, giving him space. I shook my head no. "Okay, I'm going to win that for ya, alright?" My eyes widened. But before I could say anything, the man called "OKAY, GO!" and shot his starting gun you'd use in races signalling that the race has started.

I was watching Niall's balloon being filled with water, waiting for it to burst. But someone's balloon had already beaten him to it, right before his balloon popped. The winner was jumping up and down in joy. She walked towards the man who held the giant teddy bear in his arms. Niall turned to me and made a pouting face because he didn't win. I walked up to him and rubbed his back in comfort. "It's alright, you can win at some other competition stand." He smiled but it soon faded.

"No, I wanted to win that one for you." I found this weird, no-one's ever wanted to win me something. He took my hand in his and walked towards the man. "Hey, how much can I pay for that giant teddy?" he asked.

"Niall. No. Don't buy me that. It's alright." Niall just shook his head, trying to make me shut up. "Niall, don't." I said, before he thanked the man for his time and walked away.

"Why wouldn't you let me?" he asked, he sounded hurt.

"Because, I didn't want you to." I said softly. "I need to go to the toilet." I looked up at him.

I walked quickly because I was busting. I really needed to go to the toilet. Maybe watching the water guns triggered my system for the sudden need to go. My hand was still in Niall's as we walked straight past the porta-potties. "Wait, where are we going? The toilets are here?" I said, letting go of Niall's hand and running towards the portable toilets. I opened the door and quickly slammed it and locked it.


I was quick doing my business. So I washed my hands and quickly dried them before heading out. Niall was nowhere to be seen. Great. That's nice of him. I had this feeling in my stomach. It felt like I was about to cry. Being here by myself was...scary. My heart started beating faster. My stomach was twisting and turning. He just left me here. I bet that was his plan all along. Bring me out of town, leave me all alone and leave. Just great. "HEY NERD!" I heard a familiar voice behind me. I didn't want to look, I didn't want to face them. They then pulled on my hair, turning me around to face them.



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