on tour with one direction

Hi ! I'm Brittany , Niall Horans 17 year old sister ! nobody really knows about me because im really shy and nobody has really bothered to find out about me. my whole life changed when my brother decided to take me on tour with him.


3. the tour

------a month later------

brittanys pov


wow. u really cant believe that its been a month already ! we leave for the tour tomorrow. since the tour was in the US, where we were already,  we are taking the tour bus the whole way. I didn't mind. their bus was really big and nice ! I had my own bedroom in it ! I was so excited ! even though its been a month, im still REALLY shy to the boys. well, im not shy with niall, of course. I was finishing packing when I heard someone behind me.

'need help love?' I heard someone ask. I jumped and turned around and saw harry.

'sorry, didn't mean to scare u' he said. I just stood there. he asked me if I needed help again and I just shook my head. and with that, he left. I don't know why I was so shy around him. and the others ! I really needed to stop overthinking. niall came in and noticed me staring at the wall .

'hey sis.' he said, breaking me out of my thoughts and jumping.

'sorry for startling you.' he said while grabbing some of my shirts that I folded on my bed and putting them in my suitcase.

'thanks niall.' I told him. I don't know why, but I was nervous about the tour even though I wasn't performing ! niall helped me finish packing and when we were done, it was 9 pm. he left and said goodnight and I said it back and I took a quick shower and got into my pajamas and brushed my teeth . by the time I was finished and in my bed, it was 9;45. so I went to sleep. as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.


------next morning------


 I was woken up by everyone singing the morning song and them bringing me mcdonalds. I looked at the clock and is was 6:30 and they were all dressed and ready to go ! wow. they got up early. I ate my breakfast and got up and changed into regular jeans and a pink penguin crop top. I also put on my my white sandals with flowers on them and curled my hair. I walked out and all the boys' mouths dropped.(except for niall. he was to busy digging his face into his breakfast)

I was just looking at the ground , blushing when niall snapped them out of their trance and told them it was time to get on the bus. I went to grab my luggage when harry grabbed it.

'I'll get it love' he told me and winked at me. I loved it when he called me love. his voice was just... ugh ! perfect ! snap out of it britt ! u don't need a relationship ! you can barely even talk to him without choking ! he grabbed the luggage and started walking out to the bus.

'thank you' I said. not that loud though. I don't think he heard me because he didn't look back at me, or say anything. I walked on the bus and niall showed me to my room. harry had just dropped off my luggage. I told him thank you and this time he heard it. he winked at me again and I looked down and blushed. niall came in and closed the door behind him.

'sis. do you like harry?' he asked me. why would he think that ? well... I do. but he doesn't like me back and I know that. what should I answer ?

'I don't know.' I replied. 'he's nice. cute. and funny. but I can barely talk to him without me choking up ! I... I just don't know what to do ! I have feelings for him, but.. I just don't think i'd do good in a relationship.' by this time, I was tearing up. 'I. I just don't know what to do.' I said while collapsing beside niall while he grabbed me and hugged me. gosh. I was such a cry baby !

'well Brittany. I happen to know , he likes you too !' he told me. once he said that, I stopped crying. I knew what I had to do. I got up and walked out of the room and found harry in the kitchen making a sandwhich. he saw me coming towards him.

'hey britt! want a-' I cut him off. I smashed my lips onto his. he didn't hesitate. he kissed back. we were both smiling through the kiss. niall was in my doorway. and I knew he was smiling.

'harry, ive always loved you.' I told him.

'Brittany ! I feel the same way ! I just never new how to tell u. so , will u do the honor of being my girlfriend ? ' he asked me.

'YES !' I screamed, hugging him. then I heard the boys cheering and they all came and we had a giant group hug. I can tell that this is gonna be a good tour.


----------authors note---------

hai guys ! :3  sorry I cant update during the day. I have cheer choreography for middle school cheer and one day after that is done, I have choreography for my competitive cheer team ! then school starts ! ughhh ! so, how do yall like this story so far ? its my first ever story! hope yall like it ! :) <3

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