on tour with one direction

Hi ! I'm Brittany , Niall Horans 17 year old sister ! nobody really knows about me because im really shy and nobody has really bothered to find out about me. my whole life changed when my brother decided to take me on tour with him.


4. the hurt

Brittanys POV


so , its been 3 months and im still really shy, but not with harry and niall. we were stopped at a hotel and they had about 5 shows. one each week, so I decided to get a job for a short time. I worked at starbucks. we were living in a hotel for 5 weeks and me and harry shared a room. everything was going perfect ! At least I thought. I was at work when we had no costumers, so we didn't need as much staff that day as we usually needed. he told me to go home and have the rest of the day off. I got to my hotel room when I heard really loud moans inside. I was confused. I opened the door to see harry and some girl making out on the couch. I stood there in shock. too choked to say anything. harry finally noticed and stood up.

'Brittany ! what are you doing home so early ?' he asked me.

'oh save it !' I yelled at him. he looked at me shocked.

'britt ! I swear ! its not what it looks like !' he yelled, tearing up.

'how could you do this to me ! harry , you were the love of my life ! keyword, WERE ! the girl turned around .

'ugh ! harry ? whos this skank ?' she said pointing to me. that's it. I couldn't take it.

'we're DONE !' I yelled and ran out the door. I ran through the halls, hearing harry running behind me. I did track so I was way ahead of him. I knocked on nialls door a few times and he didn't answer. dang ! he was out getting nandos takeout for all of us ! I ran down the halls to Louis room. him and Eleanor had just broken up and he knew what I was going through(I have no hate on Eleanor. I love her !). I looked back and saw harry taking a breather. perfect ! I ran some more and got to Louis' room and knocked. I kept knocking until he answered. my face was red and stained with mascara from crying.

'Brittany ! whats wrong ?' he asked looking worried. I heard harry catching up and yelling my name. I ran into Louis' room and closed the door fast and locked it.

'Brittany ? love, whats wrong ?' he asked again. I explained everything while he held me in his arms trying to help me stop crying.

'how could harry do this to you? ugh ! when I see him, hes gonna get it .' he told me. we were in the bedroom now (we were in the kitchen. big hotel room.) and we were sitting on the edge of his bed. he got up and said he'd be right back. I heard him open the door and harry start talking. great. I then heard Louis yelling at him. I couldn't quite understand what he was saying. all I heard was 'you hurt her!' and 'why would you do this?' and some cuss words. I just layed down on his bed and kept crying. I heard the door slam and 5 minutes later, Louis came back with 2 gallons tubs of ice cream and 2 spoons. I smiled , still crying, and he put in a movie. a comedy of course. despicable me ! my favorite ! we kept sitting there laughing until I fell asleep in his arms.


Nialls POV


I got back to the hotel and got to Brittany and harrys room to drop off their dinner. I knocked on the door and saw harry there... face red and puffy. uh oh.

'wheres Brittany?' I said, getting mad.

'louis' room' he told me. I threw the bag with his food in it at him and ran to louis' room. I knocked on the door really loud and Louis answered the door.

'hey niall. brittanys sleeping so I let her stay in my bed.' he told me.

'what did harry do to her ?' I asked really mad. he explained everything. gosh ! I was so angry ! I wanted to punch harry in the face ! Louis had to calm me down and we called all the guys, except for harry, down to Louis' hotel room. we were all eating and talking  about harry.

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