Jake and Amir (A coming out story)

A coming out story.
All hell breaks loose in the College Humor office when Jake and Amir get into a serious fight. Not only are there fists thrown, but also extremely harsh words. Jake does not want to be in the same building as Amir, let alone work across from him, so he asks for a transfer to Los Angeles.
Amir is left by himself, he appears to not care that Jake has left. But inside, he's falling apart.
Just as Amir has been through enough agony, Dick Halifax comes along. A man claiming to be a therapist, who offers to help him come out of his shell (and come out of the closet).


1. Chapter One - Jake

The annoying screech of my alarm clock wakes me up. I groan, and search my night stand for the thing. My fist hovers over it and I smash it down onto the snooze button. I pull my hand back and kick my comforter off of me. Waking up is extremely difficult for me, having to go to work sucks.  It's not even that I dislike my job, on the contrary. I love it. It's the fact I have to put up with Amir for eight hours.  I shake the thought of Amir from my mind and saunter into the kitchen. My feet stick to the tile as I make my way to the refrigerator. I pull out a carton of milk and proceed to get a bowl of cereal. After finishing I continue on with my morning routine; Brush my teeth, Shower, dress.   I walk back into my kitchen, awake now, and grab my messenger bag off the back of a chair, along with a black parka.   I step out into the frigid winter air and quickly make my way to the nearest bus stop. I stand next to an old woman who for no reason scowls me. It seems as if every one in New York is a douche bag. I awkwardly look away, and kick some snow around.  About fifteen minutes pass, the bus is late. Which means I'm going to be late for work.  I curse under my breath.  Another fifteen minutes pass.  I consider walking to my building. I'm late enough as it is. Eventually I do decide to just walk.    My feet drag through the unplowed sidewalks, causing my legs to go completely numb. About half way to my building I hear a familiar rumble. I spin around to see the city transit. Fuck. I let out an angry groan and attempt to pick up speed. Finally after thirty minutes I make it. Completely soaked and freezing, I push through the doors and enter the heated foyer. I slowly make my way to the elevator and push the button to the twenty third floor. I impatiently watch as the numbers change. It dings when I reach my floor, the doors separate and I step out. I begin to make my way to my desk. 


"Hey Jake!" Sarah waves from the photocopier. 


"Hey Sarah." I smile.


"Are you just getting here?" She asks furrowing her eye brows.


"Yeah...missed the bus"


"Oh. Well you better hurry before Ricky finds out." She chuckles, pulling sheets of paper from a stack.


I smile and nod. 


I continue walking until my area comes into view, I give Rosie a friendly nod as I pull my office chair out. I unbutton my parka, avoiding eye contact with Amir.  I throw my body into the grey leather chair, and flick on my Mac computer. I gulp, and look up to see Amir 'working'. I stare at him for about twenty seconds, and he doesn't once take is eyes off his computer screen. Weird.  I decide to give our website a check, and of course it's down. Not my job, so I don't care.   


"Hey Jake." Amir says, letting his jaw hang, as he peers over his thick framed box glasses.  


I don't even bother to respond.  


"Hey Jake." He repeats.  


I clench my jaw in annoyance.  


"Jake. Guess what."  


"What Amir." I snap.  


"Guueess." He whines.  


"No." I reply, not taking my eyes off of the computer screen.   


He doesn't say anything for a couple seconds. Then all of a sudden something sharp hits my forehead.  


"What the hell!" I shout grabbing my head with my hand, "Why did you throw a..." I look down to see what it was. My eyes widen when I realize it was a knife. "A knife! Amir you could've killed me!"   


He looks at me confused for a moment.  


"I didn't throw a knife at you." He says.  


I bend down and pick it up.  


"Then what the fuck is this?"  


"A knife. Are you stupid or something?" He scoffs.  


Oh my God.  


"You threw this at me!" I say tossing it onto the desk.  


"No, I didn't. I can't believe you're accusing me of such a ridiculous thing!" He lies.  


"Then who did!" I yell, growing more frustrated.  


"Him." Amir says pointing to Streeter who is working at the desk behind him.  


I nod my head in anger. I know Amir threw the fucking knife.   Streeter, takes his headphones off and turns around.  


"What's going on guys?" He asks clearly confused.  


"You threw this knife at Jake you bastard!" Amir shouts, holding the knife up.  


"What, no I-"  


"Everybody! Everybody!" Amir stands up, "This ass hole right here tried to murder Jake, someone call the police! Please!"   


Streeter stands up to clear his name.  Amir shoves the knife into his own stomach.  


"Oh God! The rat bastard stabbed me! Call the police! Call an ambulance! I'm dying!" Amir falls to the ground.  


"Oh my God! Amir what the hell!" I jump up and run to him.  


Both Streeter and I kneel over him.  


"Amir, are you alright buddy?" I ask.


  "Yep." He says through sobs.  


"Streeter call an ambulance." I order.


  I don't know why I always run to Amir's aid when he injures himself...I guess it happens so much that it's an initial reaction. But, to be honest, Amir is better off dead. This I'd never tell him, I would like to avoid his crying fits. A thirty year old man...crying. Jesus. I watch as Amir wipes away his tears.  


"J-Jake. Tell my Ma I love he-"    He stops mid sentence.


His eyes flutter shut, and his head falls to the floor.  


"Amir!" I yell, shaking his limp body. "Oh God. Amir!"  


"What." He says opening his eyes.  


I breath out a sigh of relief, and annoyance. Wait. Why do I even care?   Two paramedics rush in carrying a stretcher. They kneel down next me, over Amir.  


"Who the hell are they?!" Amir screeches.


 "Paramedics, they're gonna take you to the hospital."  


"Why?" He asks sitting up.


The paramedic tries to keep Amir down.  


"Get off of me!" He yells.  


"You're pouring blood. I need to help you." The guy says.  


Amir laughs.  


"This?" He asks, pointing to where he stabbed himself, "it's fucking ketchup!"   


Everyone goes silent.  


"I am so sorry." I say to the paramedics.


  I stand up. And walk back to my desk. I sit down and continue on with work.  I cannot believe Amir did this again. Well actually I can. This shouldn't be surprising.  I glance back up to see him pulling his yellow polo off, now stained with ketchup. It was a nice shirt too. He throws it onto the ground and sits back in his chair.  


"I still can't believe that, that, that, that-"   


"Just get it out!" I urge him.  


"What?" He snaps, "did I stutter?"   


All I can do now is glare. But of course that isn't going to stop him.  


"So, I uh, hear you're engaged?" He says looking into his hands.  


"No..." I tell him.


  "Oh." He replies.  


"Why the 'oh'?" I say mimicking him.


 "It's just that...I thought only cool guys got engaged. So I figured that since you're cool, you were engaged. But I guess not."  


Okay. That doesn't even make sense. I seriously need to stop acknowledging him.  I shake my head in frustration and go back to typing up the next video script.       Finally it's six and I am free to leave. Amir was pretty much quiet for the rest of the day, thank God.  I throw my parka back on, and sling my bag across my chest. As I'm tuning to leave, Amir says something,   "Hey Jake." He says, standing.   "What...?" I say, not turning around to face him.  


"Dinner tonight?" He asks in his same annoying voice.  


I roll my eyes and begin to walk away.





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