The Guide

17 year old Tessa wins the contest she entered. This meant that she would be taking 5SOS around town and to the mall. She would be their guide. But when Luke gets hurt protecting her what happens? Who in the band likes her?


1. the past will haunt you

                             Tessa's P.O.V.


   I can't run! I can't hide! I can't even think!

 I run at the door again and slam into it. Why can't I get this thing open? I fall to the floor and grab at my left arm. I might not have wanted to do that. Who knows what Zach might do knowing I'm hurt. As I move to the window I here someone trying to get into the room. I run to the darkest corner of the room, and sit here scared out of my mind. Maybe they will just go away, I tell myself in my head. As I sit there ,rocking back and forth trying to calm myself down, the noise stops. I don't dare move. I see shoes and hear footsteps coming from the door of the room.

     " I know your in here Tessie. Just come out and you won't get hurt", says Zach my crazy ex boyfriend. I step out of the corner I was huddled in and walk to him. I stand there looking at the ground not wanting to look up into his eyes. 

       "Look at me now Tessie", he says. I don't feel like getting hit so I do what I'm told. I look into his black eyes and get lost like I did the first time I met him.

        " I didn't want us to end like this Tessie, but you broke my heart. So, now you leave me with no other choice but to make you leave." He pulls out his knife and I let out a little gasp, but I know that this is his way of dealing with things. This is why he has no parents, they made him mad and he did what he about to do to me.

        He puts the knife over my heart and says " I'm sorry Tessie, I'm so sorry!"  Pushes the knife just enough to cause me to scream.

 Then all he says is "Tessa, Tessa ,Tessa" and I'm being shaken.


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