The Guide

17 year old Tessa wins the contest she entered. This meant that she would be taking 5SOS around town and to the mall. She would be their guide. But when Luke gets hurt protecting her what happens? Who in the band likes her?


2. the contest

 My eyes fly open. I sit up and put my hands over my heart, checking to see if it was just a dream. I look around my room and see my worried mum standing next to me.

   "Are you ok? I heard you scream downstairs", says my mother.

   " I'm fine, Mum. I just..." I didn't get to finish my sentence because my mum started to speak.

  " Tell me what it was about", she said.

  "Zach", I simply say.

  " Again, honey when will you let that fear go. You did the right thing by telling how his parents died and breaking up with him. He was no good. What time does that contest drawing start?"

  " 8:00, why?"

  " Well you slept more than you think you did cause it's 7:45."

  " WHAT? I have to get ready. If I win I have to meet 5SOS at the radio station. Mum why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I ask getting out of bed and walking over to the closet to get my outfit.

  " You were doing so good, I thought that you were done with the dreams."

  "Really? Mum I have been sleeping in a little more each day then the dream starts," I say trying to push her out the door " Please go Mum I need to get ready and turn on the radio. I know you don't like my music."

  " Tell me how it goes", she says  walking out of my room and shutting the door. I put my outfit on and turn on the radio. I hear the radio person announce 5 Seconds Of Summer , and I start to listen.

  " Today one lucky girl gets to show the band 5 Seconds Of Summer around the town. Boys do you  have anything to say to everyone who entered?"

   " We wish all of you could win , but that would kinda be hard. this is something special that one person gets to do and yes we will be doing more of these next time we come here", says Ashton.

OMGGG!!!!!! He is so HOT. well, who am I kidding they all are.

  " I just want to say good luck to everyone", says Luke.

 " okay thank you boys. Here is the moment everyone has been waiting for, the winner is.." there is a long pause "Tessa Grace." That was last I heard because I started to scream.

  "Mum I won", I yell. I start dancing around my room like a an idiot. oh Wait I need to go meet the at the radio station. I run out of my room and down the steps.

  " I have to go meet them  at the station mum I will be back in a few", I say and run out the door to my car. This is gonna be great. now I just need to plan where I'm gonna take them.


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