The Guide

17 year old Tessa wins the contest she entered. This meant that she would be taking 5SOS around town and to the mall. She would be their guide. But when Luke gets hurt protecting her what happens? Who in the band likes her?


3. Oh Gosh, I didn't prepare for this

           " OMGGGG!!!!!!" I scream as soon as I get into the car. I try to stay with in the speed limit, but I don't think I did. As soon as I the car parked, I take a second to take it all in. I can't believe I won. ' If you sit here to long' I tell myself 'they will call somebody else'. I get out of the car and race to the door. The room I walk into was dark purple with light blue patterns on them. I look around for the sign for the studio or for the boys. I completely over looked the check-in desk and then the girl spoke and scared the crap out of me. "May I help you Miss?" she asks me.

" Yes, um I won the radio contest for 5SOS."

"Well I need to see some ID people have been in here and have been saying that they won so if you don't mind," she says. I hand her my drivers license and wait for a reply.

" Well there is no way around you being Tessa. You know you are very pretty," she says," Let me call them down."

"Thank you , for your comment before and for calling them down."

" Darling your welcome!" she says and picks up her phone. She doesn't say much she just tells the person on the other line that the winner of the contest was in the lobby. Then she hangs up. I hear a door open and voices coming from that hallway. My heart starts to beat faster than it should.

I see the radio person come around the corner first then Ashton, Luke, Michael, and then Calum.

"So you must be Tessa," says Luke. OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Yes," I try to sound calm.

"You are the calmest fan we met yet," says Ash. All I do is laugh.

"So I have to go back to the radio but you all have fun. Boys call me and tell your favorite part of the tour around here ,ok?" he asked

"ok," they answer. after they leave there is a few seconds were nobody talks. I'm looking at the floor but I can feel there eyes on me the whole time. I wonder what they think of me.

"where to first" asks Ashton.

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