Seduced by My Step Brothers

BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay teen boys under one roof, as Charlie says "I could write a book about that."


7. The Night Everything Changed

Previously on SBS...

"Come on." Tony whispered, his voice barely reaching my ears. So I did just that, I took slow, steady steps into the room and softly shut the door behind me.

My breathing hitched a little with each step, everything feeling so surreal. I knew where I was, I knew what I was doing; what I was getting myself into. However, it was as if my brain couldn't register it as reality.

My breathing was slowed and I could feel each and every beat of my heart. I wasn't focusing on what was happening, but my brain seemed to register every move that anyone made. Jake stayed with Mike, giving his body attention while Tony focused on mine. He easily slid my shirt over my head, my arms moving accordingly. His mouth made contact with my neck, his lips softly moving against the skin; not sucking or nipping at it. His lips trailed up, capturing my own.

Our lips moved against each other, his lips rougher than what they were on my skin. They pressed against mine in a rough and needy want, his tongue forcing it's way into my mouth and immediately establishing control. His hand trailed down the exposed flesh of my abdomen, slipping past the waist band of my pants and boxers, the cold skin of his hand awakening my shaft even more than before. His long, slick fingers wrapping around the organ before giving it a small pump, causing a moan to escape my mouth, only to be muffled by his. I felt his mouth form into a smirk against mine, his tongue already pulled out of my mouth. "Charlie," He whispered, the smirk still on his face. ", I'm glad you came." He said, capturing my lips once more before I even had the chance to think of a response.

He pulled his hand back out, grabbing my own and guiding it down his abdomen. "I think you know what to do." He said with a seductive smile, releasing my hand and returning his to it's previous place, wrapping around me once more. His thumb ran over the tip, causing my body to shake with shivers of pleasure. "I'm not a patient person, Charlie." He said, his voice slightly sadistic. I had never been into those kind of kinky things before, but just hearing that tone in his voice turned me on even more.

I moved my hand down his chest and over his stomach, moving in past the waste band of his boxers and mimicking his movements. He used his thumb to rub circles around the head, and I followed in suit, rubbing my own thumb around his. When he moved his hand over my shaft and wrapped his long digits around me, I did the same, giving him a small pump that he soon returned. His hand unwrapped itself from me, moving around to my backside and using his index finger to fondle my entrance, causing me to buckle my hips and arch into him. "You like that?" He whispered, his tone almost mocking.

"Shut up." I responded, a smile on my face nonetheless.

He whispered huskily in my ear, with an evil grin, "Make me." his voice sent chills down my spine, causing a small arch. He chuckled, moving his index finger in a little more, causing me to close my eyes fast, loosening my grip around his longer extension. I could feel my heart beat speeding up slightly. His finger pushed farther up my hole until his entire finger was in, he wiggled it around and whispered, "You're loose." I looked up at him fast, and panted;

"Don't comment about it!" I yelled and he chuckled quietly, looking at my lips seductively, I loved this glare. He went down fast, his lips devouring mine in a desperate kiss; nibbling, sucking, battling. His finger pulled out slightly then pushed back in, making me moan a little louder. Tony groaned and pulled back,

"I still haven't hit your spot?" He sighed and I shook my head no. He wiggled his finger around, "Now?" I shook my head no, causing him to frown and pulled his finger out, it slide out perfectly. He shrugged and whispered in my ear, "I guess we're gonna need something longer then." He kissed down my neck and in between my collarbones. I moaned quietly feeling my cheeks heating up. He smirked, "Bend over." I looked back at him surprised, the only person that ever told me to bend over has been Jeff, it was strange. He raised one of his eyebrows, "Are you gonna bend?" I nodded quickly, getting on all fours in front of him so my entry way was in front of his crotch. He chuckled, his fingers trailing down my sides, hips, and thighs, "You have a beautiful body." he whispered in my ear. He rubbed his tip across my hole, teasing me causing me to groan and push against him.

"Feisty, eh?" he pushed his tip slightly in my hole, causing me to moan aloud. He began kissing up my back, slightly nibbling places and licking others. I moaned quietly, closing my eyes tight.

"Ah!" He screamed, my body engulfing his member completely. I looked back at him, surprised to see Jake behind Tony, rubbing and pulling his nipples, making him moan. Jake was thrusting against Tony, making Tony thrust in me. I panted and looked ahead to see a dick in my face. I looked up, and saw Mike standing over me.

"Huh?" I asked confused.

"Are you gonna suck me?" I nodded. He smiled and put his tip to my mouth, rubbing it across my lips, making them moist with his precum. I licked it softly, making him shiver. Jake was still thrusting in Tony; Tony still thrusting inside me. Mike grabbed my face, pushing me farther down on him, causing the head to hit the back of my throat. I choked at first, but quickly controlled it. I began sucking his member softly, he was gripping my hair tightly, moving me at a fast pace. Tony was still thrusting in me, making me moan aloud. Mike moaned, "O- oh yeah, moan again." He begged, the vibrations causing more pleasure, I moaned again, causing him moan in return, moving me faster on him. This made Tony and Jake pick up speed on me and each other. I felt hands grabbing my shaft, I wanted to turn around and see, but I still had a mouthful of Mike. He kept thrusting in my mouth, moving mt head faster, just as Tony hit my prostate, causing me to buck my hips from side to side, moaning louder, causing more pleasure for Mike. The hands around my member, gripped me tighter, pulling and pumping me, making me moan more and release a hot load in their hands. I moaned loudly, causing Mike to moan aloud and release some in my mouth, but mostly on my face. There was a gasp and and a loud scream, and then another. A second passed when Tony's release ran quickly through me, we all fell to the ground on top of each other, panting. Jake chuckled after taking a few breaths, "How were we, Charlie?" I looked at him confused. He smirked, "Are you pleased?"

I could feel my cheeks heating up, and they all laughed at me. I opened my mouth, but Mike interrupted me; "I'm not pleased!" He pouted and Jake and Tony raised an eyebrow at him. He frowned; "My ass didn't get any attention."

"Get your ass over here then." Jake said and Mike crawled over to him, and he began fingering him slowly, making him moan. Tony smiled at me, pulling me into his arms and whispered; "Well, how was I?" He asked, his breath fanning down my back. I could feel his seed flowing from my entrance. I blushed hard when he kissed down my ear, his finger entering my hole, making me moan. He pulled his finger out to see it was covered with his white sticky semen. He put it in his mouth, "Damn I taste good." I bit my lip, looking at him seductively. He laughed and kissed me roughly, his tongue doing amazing things to mine,

"Hmm." He moaned and whispered in my ear; "I really want to fuck you." He said, causing me to blush. He kissed my neck, and then whispered, "I wanna fuck you really hard, harder then just now." In a deep and husky voice, his hand traveling down my chest to my crotch. He chuckled quietly and whispered in my ear, "Only me, no Jake, no Mike, just you and I. My dick so far up your ass, I want you." he began stroking me, making me pant, he licked my ear, "I don't wanna share you." I didn't want to look up at him, it'd just make me hornier. His fingers rubbed over my nipples, "You're mine, right?" I moaned and nodded. There was a pause, "And I"m your's, right?" I nodded.

Everything from there on out become nothing but a blur.

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