Seduced by My Step Brothers

BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay teen boys under one roof, as Charlie says "I could write a book about that."


1. Prologue

I felt his seed explode inside of me, triggering my own orgasm. Two months ago I never thought I would be here, in bed, with my step brother...s. Yes, step brothers, as in three of them. Oh, what my mother would say if she were to raise from her grave...

Two Months Ago

"You got married?!" I shouted at my father in an angry haste. "I haven't even met the woman, and you got married?!" I exclaimed at him.

"Look, Charlie, I know that you are upset-" He began.

"Upset? Upset?" I asked in disbelief. "Upset doesn't even begin to cover it!" I yelled at him. "I'm angry, hell I'm pissed off!" I screamed, so loud that I thought my voice would crack.

"Charlie, language." He said, his face in a stern frown. "And it's not as sudden as you think, I have been with her for a while."

"Does she have kids?" I asked with a sigh.

"Yes, three boys, triplets, your age." He said.

"Anything I should know about them?" I asked him in a soft voice, slowly calming down.

"You all play for the same team." He said, his voice getting softer and softer.

"Four gay dudes under one roof, I could write a book about that." I said with a sarcastic laugh to finish it off. "They aren't identical, are they?" I asked a little worried.

"Oh god no, that would be so confusing. They look different." He explained. Then, the doorbell rang. "I guess they are here." He said and we walked to the door.

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