If Only It Was That Simple.

An insight into my life. I spend a lot of time writing about other people in stories and fanfictions so I thought it was time to share a few things I write about my own life. I don’t really know how to explain what this will be like because I honestly have no idea. All I know is that it will be a little different to the usual things I do. Things that actually happen to me, how I feel maybe even things that I see in everyday life that inspire me to write. Well, we’ll see eh. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to comment below and I do like to hear criticism but please bear in mind that what I write will be real, so don’t insult me too much. ;)

WARNING: Could be a load of crap.


19. She Needs A Man.

She was a strong person. Putting her heart and soul into every aspect of her future. The energy she shared. Her contagious smile that continuously warmed the room. She was happy. Or maybe, she just seemed happy.

 Behind her smile, behind her persona, stood a lonely girl. A girl with a small scar etched into her heart. She was missing someone from her life. She was missing a man. But not her mysterious price charming a teenage girl like her should have been searching for. She was missing her brother.

It wasn’t that he had passed away, or wasn't a part of her life anymore because he was, technically. But technicality is nothing when up against a labyrinth of lies. It’s nothing compared to love. He was fading. Still there, but slowly disappearing into a mist of disappointment and sadness.

She lets her heart control her mind.  Wanting to be there for him when she knows there is nothing she can do.  Stop him from fading away. But he was too strung up in his own thoughts for her to help. So she sits there, I sit here and write. Write down all my thoughts in hope that this will bring some sort of closure into my mind. But it won’t. Deep down I know that. But I grow accustomed to this never ending feeling of pointlessness. So, I begin to give up, focusing on my own goals instead of trying to help him, hoping that he realises I’m here if he needs me but I am not here to be used.

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