If Only It Was That Simple.

An insight into my life. I spend a lot of time writing about other people in stories and fanfictions so I thought it was time to share a few things I write about my own life. I don’t really know how to explain what this will be like because I honestly have no idea. All I know is that it will be a little different to the usual things I do. Things that actually happen to me, how I feel maybe even things that I see in everyday life that inspire me to write. Well, we’ll see eh. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to comment below and I do like to hear criticism but please bear in mind that what I write will be real, so don’t insult me too much. ;)

WARNING: Could be a load of crap.


16. My Worst Fear.

I hate it when I have time to think. My mind suddenly finding the urge to evaluate my entire life so far. All the unfinished business, the failures, bad memories, regrets. Everything. But why? It seems that all it successfully brings me is the purposeful hurt and the feeling of pointlessness. It's like everything that I once pushed to the back of my mind is suddenly forced back into view in one big unnecessary explosion of downfalls. Then, to make it worse, I begin to think deeper. The opportunities I missed, the relationships I ruined and for what? To be sat here writing some depressing paragraph about my life. No! I will learn from this mishap and in conclusion have decided that in future I shall not think.

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