Self Belief ,What does that mean?

A poem for the contest: Movellians Have Got Talent by Jordan Philips. I wrote this from my heart and I would really hope that people are able to see that as they read this poem. Thanks!


3. Self belief and me

So I have learned and listened

and  I have fought and dreamed.


Life can suck but it's all apart

of being successful. I wont back down 

to any evil and I will make it, through every wall.


If you pull me back, I'll scream and if

you bind my wings, I'll make sure I'm

set free.I will always believe even if it seems 

like everything I want has turned to steam and

has turned to fog, which means many things.


I'll find a way, so don't worry about me,

it will be self belief and me. In the future

I will thank everybody who believed in me

and took me and my dreams seriously.


Thank you for letting me be me.



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