Way In The World

You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy
even if you're not part of their happiness


3. Chapter3

     "We will talk at home" my dad released my now red wrist as my mum and jess walked over to us from the dessert table with two glazed donuts in hand "honey that was great you did a wonderful job" my mum came in to give me a one arm hug the other holding her half eaten doughnut i gave her a small smile and just walked away, i pulled down the sleeve of my blazer to cover my bruised wrist. my father may look like an angel in the out but was devil by heart.

     As i slowly walked to the family car i spotted samantha she was helping the lady she was with at church into a black Toyota i walked toward her before she got in "hey i did't know you went to this church" i said placing my hands into my black jean pockets she closed the back seat door and placed her hands on her hips "your the pastors son aren't you i saw him grabbing you into the corner" she said with a chuckle if only she knew.

     "um ya that's me.....so we are starting a book club next week if may_" samantha cuts me off "listen dustin right?, i only came today because my mom wanted to go today so this might as well be my last and first wasting three hours "praising" the lord" samantha was a rude girl and you could see it the first time you lay eyes on her "listen here samantha i'm trying to be a nice per-" "dustin were leaving!" i hear the sound of my sister calling me "see you tonight mr.wright " samantha says she give me a slow kiss on the cheek and gets into her car and was off.

     He pushes me against the wall and kicks my back with his foot pain spreads all over my back i groan in pain, the door was just a(n) inch away bet my dad knew what my plan was because he grabbed the back of my collar and dragged me down to the floor head first he got on top and smacked me across the face FUCK.

     "i can't even stand looking at you one more bit, your a useless human being doing noting but screwing up in this world" my dad screamed in my face i just turn my face to the side, you think i might cry any minute but truth is when this happens i just stay quiet thinking about just useless things that strangely calm me before i do something i'll regret like how many states legalized gay marriage?, how many stars are out tonight?, is the patriots going to win this years super bowel? just random shit.



     i opened my parents bedroom door and closed it behind me the small square room was dark the stairs showing light from down stairs i walked across to my room as i closed it behind me, i turned on the light, bed made, bookshelf filled with books, black wooden floor and my great piano i got last year laying on it's piano stand.

     i slowly took off my now ripped grey t-shirt and threw it in the trash i pressed on my back i flinched from the impact "dustin the guest are here come down" i here my father bark i walked to my closet taking my time thinking how old is anderson cooper?

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