Way In The World

You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy
even if you're not part of their happiness


1. Chapter 1

     "Pretend to be my boyfriend" i looked up from my plate of fries to find a blonde pixie-cut girl sitting across from me, she was panting like she just finished running, i kept moving my mouth but no words came out she barged in to fast for me to even say a word "please i'll pay yo-" before pixie cut girl could finish a long haired,full beard, buff biker came to the booth i was sitting at.

     "is this the punk-ass?" the male asked pointing over at me i gulped, i looked over at the girl she mouthed over at me to get up i did what i was told. the biker was way more buffer and scarier was i going to die?, will i go home with him following me?, am i going to pee my pants?.

     pixie cut girl slipped her small warm hand into my large rough cold hand she entwined our fingers together which made me snap out of my thoughts, "cal you need to leave your causing a scene" pixie cut girl says pointing at the double doors to show the biker the exit "you can't leave me like that becky!' the biker's voice boomed into the in-and-out restaurant.

     how did i get myself into this mess? i did't even say yes i wanted to be this pixie cut girl's "boyfriend" thank the lord i saw a teenage girl employee walking toward us i exhaled a breath i did't know i was holding in "um mr you need to leave if your just going to be annoying" the employee girl looked like she really did't want to be here and she did't care, what's wrong with califronia now a days.

     the biker pushed my sholder and came close and said the words "Take care of her" the biker took a handful of my fries and walked off.

     when the biker as soon not seen pixie cut girl slips her hand out of mine "i'm so sorry for that, crazy ex-boyfriend i only have 10 dollars..... so there you go" the girl (becky) digs down her skinny jeans front pocket and pulls out two wrinkled dollars she placed them on the table and turned and walked out, what just happen?.

     i picked up the dollar bills and started to run after becky who was now in the parking lot, when i pushed the double doors open i saw becky walking off in the side walk alone. i started to sprint after her, when i caught up i tapped on her shoulder she pushed it away and turned around she rolled her eyes after she saw it was me.

     "i payed you what do you want now" she barked a bit rudely "i don't want your money becky all i wan-' before i could finish becky grabs the two five dollars and shoved it back in her pocket.

     "my name is not becky so stop calling me that" the now anonymous girl said. "but i heard that du-" the girl cuts me off once more "my name is samantha ok now leave me alone before i kick your christian boy ass".


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