Kiss Me One Last Time

Niall has to go on tour and leave Mykenzi with the kids so will he ever come back...?


2. Maybe A BreakUp

*After a long night the boys went home and Niall and I didn't speak for the rest of the night*

Both POV

Niall I think we need to talk.

About what he said very sweet.

Well since you guys go on tours

I knew it he said not even letting me finish my sentence.

Okay never mind I said.

I'm sorry Mykenzi if I do leave for tour ,but I'll always love you.

I'll always love you to.

 So were not going to breakup I said.

What he said.

Nothing I replied.

Did you just say break up? he said.

No where did you get that ppph?! I said.

You really want to know I got it from your mouth. he said.

Ummmm...? I said.

So you want to break up. Then we will. he said. (really angry)

Fine. I said. (not really meaning it)



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