Me And You (A Niall Horan Fan-Fict)

Kimberly Corsil was a young dancer who was one directions Niall Horans Best friend. She secretly always loved him, but with his charming looks and millions of girls loving him also, she thought she would get thrown in the dumps. Does Niall have feelings for her too? And will someone else begin to develop feelings for one them?


3. The Kiss

The boys were talking about the tour and new songs and stuff like that while i was in the recording booth walking around. I heard the door open and niall came in.

"Oh Hey" I said still walking. "Hey Kim" He said closing the door behind. "What happened?" I asked him getting closer. "About that kiss" Niall said. "Yeah?" I said getting alittle closer. "Did that mean anything to you?" Niall asked me. I looked up at him and hesitated to speak. "Well, it was something" I said. He looked at me like i didnt answer his question.

"Okay, i have to admit, i always had a crush on you" I said bitting my lip."Really?" Niall said. I nodded and dropped my head. He used his index finger and lifted my chin to face him. "I like you too" He whispered. I look straight into his eyes and knew he was speaking the truth. He put his thumb on my cheek and rubbed it. I put my hands in his hair and played with it. I looked back at him and then his lips.

My lips were getting dry so i licked them. He slowly leaned in and so did i. I closed my eyes and felt lips pressed against mine. I tilted my head with the movement. I shot open my eyes as i felt a tounge slip in. I joined it as our tounges played with each other. My hands where still in his hair and i kept messing it up as we kissed.

I pulled away and he smirked. He grinned and pinned me to the wall. "Wrap your legs around me" He whispered in my ear. I did as he told. I lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist and he lifted my thigh and placed it on the other side. He pressed his lips on me again but this time with more passion. He pulled away from the kiss and moved down to my neck. I extended my neck to the side to give him more ability. He was kissing my neck and sucking lightly. He reached my soft spot and i let out a moan. He pulled away and smiled. I jumped off him and smiled.

"Wanna go out sometime?" Niall asked seducing voice. "Yeah. When?" I asked grinning. "Tommorow love" Niall said reaching for my hand. He took my hand and entwined it in his

" Sure" i said swaying my arm. He kissed my cheek and let go of my hand, and left to join the lads. I smiled to myself and bit my lip. I had a date with niall, YES!!! I grinned to myself and walked to join the boys.

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