Me And You (A Niall Horan Fan-Fict)

Kimberly Corsil was a young dancer who was one directions Niall Horans Best friend. She secretly always loved him, but with his charming looks and millions of girls loving him also, she thought she would get thrown in the dumps. Does Niall have feelings for her too? And will someone else begin to develop feelings for one them?


2. The Boys

I decided to go see the lads at the recording studio, but i had to go wash up. The clothes i had on are all aweaty and dance-y. So i stopped at my house. I searched through my bag for my keys and put them in the hole.

My house was dark and quiet and empty. My home is very big but its all to me. My mom and dad got divorced and kept arguing but refused to leave the house, so everyday they fought. I couldnt take anymore and moved away from them and never spoke to them again. So my house was always alone, well except when the boys come over. They come over every night to see how im doing.

After washing up, i put on my bra and my girl boxers. I walked into my room and looked through my closet. I pulled out my red skinny jeans,A black no sleeves t-shirt, and my black vans. And to top it all off, i straightened my hair and put on a red beanie. I picked up my phone, my black purse and walked out.

The studio was 2 blocks away so i could walk there and get there is 3 minutes or less. When i did get there i saw paul talking to a woman in a pencil skirt.

"Heeyyy paul" I said walking over.

"Hey kid" Paul said putting his fist out to fist bump. I fist bumped him and laughed. Me and paul have always been cool. He tells me ebarassing stuff about the boys that they never told me. I left paul and clicked the elavator button and it lit up.

The doors opened and i stepped in. I clicked the 3rd floor and the doors closed. I nearly jumped 3 feet when i noticed someone was next to me. It was a man. Very tall man. I swayed back and forth and waited for the doors to open. It was dead silent and all you could hear was the machines working together to lift the elavator up. I sighed in releif as the door open and revealed the third floor hallway.

I wondered through multiple hallways until i reached a door that said "ONE DIRECTION HERE DO NOT DISTURB UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION". I was about to knock, but pulled back alittle. I hesitated before knocking. "Come in" I heard someone say. I turned the knob and stepped in.

"Kim" Niall said getting up. "Hey-hey-hey" I said walking in and closing the door. "Hellooooo Kim" Harry said smiling. "Hi curly" I said walking over to him. He opened his arms and pulled me in a hug. I was so much smaller than him so he had to slightly bent down. He rubbed my arm and pulled away. The next one who got up was louis. "Kim, great to see you" Louis said before pulling me in."Great to see you too louis" I said smiling. He rubbed my back and pulled away. Then it was zayn. "Hello Love" He said grinning and wrapped his muscular arms around my waist.

I pulled away and i turned to meet up with Liam. "Hiya" He said smiling. I Wrapped my arms around his stomach and she laughed. I pulled away and smiled. "I think i got all of you right?" I joked. "Ahem" Niall cleared his throat. I laughed. "You know i wouldn't forget you" I said walking to him. He grinned ear to ear and laughed. I opened my arms to hug him around his neck. But he swung me around and he laughed and i giggled. When he stopped my hand was on his chest and he looked down on me. I looked at his blue, beautiful orbs. He did the same to me. we stared at each others eyes and didnt say a word.

"So, kim. How was rehearsals?"Louis said snapping me out of the magic. I shook my head and slowly pulled away. "It was okay i guess" I said still looking at niall. He sat down on a chair and i sat down on a beanbag chair. "Damn this chair is uncomfortable. Like its hard for a beanbag chair" I said twisting in my chair looking for a comfotable spot. "Well, come sit here" Niall said patting his lap. "Oh, you dont need to. I dont want you to feel uncomfortable having me on your lap" I said. "No, i want you to sit here" Niall said smiling. I got up and walked over to niall. He put his hands on my waist and lifted me on his lap. I brought my finger to my mouth and bit it.

"Awwww Kiall. I ship" Louis said in a annoying girl voice. "Shut up louis" Niall said. "Awww get married" Zayn mocked. I knew my cheeks where on fire so i looked down. "Awww Nialls blushing!" Harry said. I looked back at niall and he WAS. I started smiling and started blushing. "Oh mah gawd so much red cheeks" Liam said laughing. Again,me and niall  had a moment. But out of the blue, niall leaned in a landed a kiss on me.

I widened my eyes. "I-i-im Sor-"Niall said studdering. I interrupted his talking by giving him a kiss. I felt no lip movement at first from niall, but then i felt his lips begin to move. He slightly opened his mouth and closed it again. We both pulled away. I opened my eyes and covered my mouth with my hand. "I-i-i- i dont know what was going through my mind im-" i said nervously. He put his finger over my lips and shushed me. "Its okay. I did it first" He said looking at me. I slighed.

"So, is niall a good kisser" Harry asked me grinning. I gave him a serious look, but mouthed the words "Yes". He chuckled and nodded.

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