True friends > true love <3


2. "welcome back to school students"

Laura's P.O.V

" GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP NOW!!!!" My own personalised alarm rang. My friend Ava made it, because she knows I'm not a morning person especially on school mornings. Groaning I hit the snooze button on my phone and rolled out of my comfy bed and landed on my carpeted floor with a 'thud'( sorry couldn't get the italics working properly)

mum- LAURA WILLIOW BROOKS! What on earth is happening up there

Me- nothing mum. Just casually falling off my bed( note the sarcasm)

mum- okay honey, just get washed and dressed for school please Ava will be here in 30 minutes

me- okay

I didn't complain because complaining with mum, will end in one big massive argument! Reluctantly I pushed myself of my surprisingly comfy floor to my en-suite and did my normal shower routine and within 15 minutes I had finished, I stepped out of the hot water to see my mirror completely fogged from the steam. Walking back into my room I smelt the aroma of strawberries and cream evaporating from my body as I walked towards my closet to pick my outfit for the day. White floral shorts, a green button up crop top,green and turquoise bracelets, green lens aviator sunglasses and turquoise sandals, seen as it was a sunny day.

After i put on my outfit i did my hair into a messy bun and did my makeup nothing to out there just some blush, smokey eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and some lipgloss,when I heard a horn beep from outside, I looked out my window to see Ava waiting in her black SUV on the driveway

me- mum Ava's here I'm gonna go now, I said grabbing my school bag for the day ( i change it everyday so it goes with my outfit)

mum-bye honey

me- bye dad, I shouted through to the study

dad- bye cupcake

I raced to meet Ava as we only had ten minutes to get to school

Ava - hey bitch

me- hey whore, how was your summer?

ava- good, actually really good I got with someone!

me- WHO!!!!!

ava- Ryan Roberts

Me-omg Ava you two are soooooo cute together

Ava- any who how's you and Kaleb? 3 years anniversary soon

Me-  we're good anyway come on let's go we have 5 minutes aviator

Ava- shit!!!

Ava zoomed down the roads of Chelsea, we arrived at NorthValley High within two minutes of leaving my house with Ava driving way of the speed limit. As always we met up with the gang, we're a group of 8 friends, 4 girls and 4 boys the girls are me,Ava,Sienna and Jordyn and the boys are Alexander(Alex),Hunter,Kaleb and Ryan. Usually we split up unless we have classes together and meet again at lunch.Even before we could say 'hi' the bell rang to go to home room and meet our tutor for the year.

Kaleb- hey babe, he said to me while placing his lips on mine for a sweet kiss

Alex- NO PDA!!!!!!

me- sorry Shaggy I apologised with my puppy dog eyes witch i know are Alex's weakness

Alex- damn it Loz you know those eyes are my weakness

Me- what eyes? I asked with an innocent look spread across my face

Alex- ugh! Never mind come on let's go we've got the same time table

Me- okie dokie, I replied with a cute smile across my face, knowing my dimples were showing

Alex- aww those cute little dimples, the ones I fell in love with in nursery.

Me- shut up! you idi....

Mr Clark- all students report to the hall please for this mornings annoncement. thank you

Kaleb- come on sexy

Ava- I wonder what he wants?

Sienna- only one way to find out

Girls- LETS GO!

Hunter- they are so hyper sometimes

Alex- yeah! how on earth to you live with Sienna?

Hunter-Practice man, but i mean its like that with you and Loz you've been best friends since you were three so how on earth do u live with her?

Alex- I do not know

I glanced over my shoulder to see the boys talking and not walking so i ran back and grabbed Alex's hand and ran with him to get to the hall.I didnt care that we were getting stares from the other students in the corridor. now i know what you're thinking "oh she's running to the morning annoncement she must love school" well actually I hate school, the only reason i'm running is because Jordyn said there's this new hot teacher starting and i wanna be the first to see him. Anyway me and Alex arrived at the hall and met up with the girls who were already there

Me- soooo you seen him yet?

Jordyn- no:(

Ava- we will now because Mr Clarks calling us in

Me- bye Shaggy, i said while i placed a friendly kiss on his cheek at least I think it was a friendly kiss on his cheek,but as soon as my lips left his cheek i felt a tingling feeling shooting threw me like little bolts of electricity

Alex- bye Lozzer, see you in Drama

Me- okay

and with me having the last word me and Alex seperated for about 40 minutes because the head likes it when the boys and girls are seperated in annoncements but other than that he's a really cool head teacher.within a few monutes of years 7-11 flowing in the hall it was erupted in load mindless chatter, Mr Clark let it go on for a few miutes but then then the hall fell silente at the sound of his voice

Mr Clark-welcome back to school students

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