True friends > true love <3


1. Laura's P.O.V

Laura's P.O.V

Hey I'm Laura Willow Brooks. Im 5'5". I'm seventeen years old soon to be eighteen in a few weeks, my birthday is August 29th. My family consists of me, my mom Louise,my dad Peter and my little twin sisters maddie and mollie. Maddie and Mollie look completely different than me because I have long brown straight hair and browney-green eyes whereas they have bob cut blond hair and blue eyes but who cares love them to death. This school I attend is called NorthValley High in Kensington,London. My friends are (GIRLS)Ava Williams, Sienna Micheals ( Hunter Micheals sister), Jordyn Summers,(BOYS)Hunter Micheals(Sienna Micheals brother).My bestest friend in the whole world, who I have been friends with for 15 years is Alexander Nathaniel Parker (such a posh name, but he is the complete opposite of posh) he is 5'11" brown shaggy hair, brown caramel hazel eyes ( yes three colours in his eyes) and is a totally fuckwit sometimes but i love him.And my long term boyfriend of three years is Kaleb Harrison he is 5'11" brown hair ( like joey graceffa has now) dark brown eyes that are like pools of chocolate and he's careful most of the time but when he's drunk,well don't get him drunk because he comes on really strong to people, ends up in fights, ends up with him or some other person in the hospital and well yeah! That's basically the basics of my life so yeah!!!! THATS ME!! 

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