Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


5. Get Out

I helped Storm to her feet her eyes still wide. she shrugged her shoulders as a sight to where mother was. I pointed at the sofa where Mother was smiling still. Storm aggressively grabbed my arm and dragged me to the kitchen, She grabbed a tea towel and held it to her wound. She grabbed all the food she could and dragged me to the front door. We piled all the food well i say food i mean a half a box of cereal and some pasta in a bag, and we both looked at the door. It was dark and brown. You couldn't see it very well because all the lights in the house don't work. She twisted the handle and looked at me scared. I wasn't a hundred percent sure what was going on but i went along with it. Storm nodded at me as to say if i was ready i just shrugged my shoulders and gave a confused look. She pointed at the door and sighed, There was a pen and paper lying on the floor she picked it up and wrote.

**were getting out of here you saw what she did to me i cant risk that happening to you we have to get out now!! **

I nodded and she opened the door with a deep breath.

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