This is my first short story :) hope you like it.


1. Take me home

   *Selena's pov* 
Selena shoved her books in her locker, as she felt Justin's cold hands wrap around her waist. 
"Did you miss me?" 
  The high school  principle asked, as he cradled Selena in his arms. 
  "Justin." Selena moaned as Justin ran his left arm down her skirt, teasing her. 
      "Not here." Selena begged. She wasn't I'm the mood, but she knew eventually Justin would turn her on. 
  She never knew why she fell for him. She's 17 and nearly graduating high school. Justin is 22 and is the high school principle. 
  "Not now." Selena moaned again, while Justin enjoyed hearing her quite moans.  "Why not." Justin asked, biting his lip, turned on by the thought of her. 
    Sex was what kept their relationship going. They would have fights, and eventually Justin would win, as always. 
    "Babe." Justin said, trying to control himself. "Justin, I-I.." Selena started to say, but stopped herself.  
  "Hmm?" Justin asked seductively, still trying his best to turn her on. 
  Usually, by now, they would be in a room, or Justin's office. Things would escalate quickly.
    "What if they find out?" Selena hesitantly asked. 
  That's all she could ever think about. If she looses Justin, she has nothing. She has a few friends, and to her family she's worthless. Her parents and two sisters no longer care. After finding out Selena was dating the school principle, they told her she had two choices. She could either, never see Justin again, or move out.     
     She couldn't imagine her life without Justin. Justin and Selena now live together. Justin helps her with homework, while she gives him what he wants...Each night depending on their mood, they would have sex. 
    They've thought about moving to another state, or even country...but Justin's is too worried about her education. The only thing that keeps Selena in school, is Justin.
He's like her lifesaver. He's there when she needs to talk, he's always been there when she needed him. 
   "If you're so worried about people seeing, why don't we go back to my office and.." Justin said before Selena cut him off, as she kissed him. 
  "You talk a lot babe." Selena said quietly, as she pulled away. 
  Justin smirked, as he cupped her face in his hands, kissing her passionately. 
  The bell was about to ring, and Selena missed yet another class, as usual.
    "Justin, they're going to see us." Selena said, again worried about their relationship. They're taking so many risks. But, it's worth it. 
 "I need to get you home." Justin growled. "Take me away." Selena begged. " I don't want to wait any longer." Justin complained. I held her small body in his arms, teasing her. Now, she was completely turned on, as Justin ran his cold fingers down her shirt. Both of them knew where this would go. 
   "Take me home." Selena begged. Justin aggressively  grabbed her by her waist, passionately kissing her. It had only been a few hours since he'd seen her flawless body, but he couldn't stand the thought of looking her, and not being able to show her off, or touch her.
   "Please." She begged, wrapping her arms around his muscular body.<>end of chapter 1. I may have two or three chapters. How do you like it so far? Remember its my first short story so don't hate me if its not good. :) make sure to tell me how you liked it. Hope you enjoyed.<>

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