This is my first short story :) hope you like it.


2. Chapter2

  *Third person pov*
Justin wrapped his strong arms around Selena's waist.  They had just barely made it to the car, without fooling around togetger. Usually, they wouldn't look at each other until they were off school property. 
   Justin pushed Selena closer to him. He kissed her passionately, before getting in the drivers seat. 
 Justin grabbed Selena's legs, throwing them in his lap. He ran his fingers up and down her legs. 
  He couldn't keep his hands off of her. By the time they got to Justin's house, Selena was practically in his lap. She had her head rested on his chest, and her legs laid in his lap. 
  Their house wasn't far, but Justin always drove at an appropriate speed limit, when Selena was in the  car. He's very protective of her, and always worrying about her safety. 
    In his past relationships, he was hurt, emotionally and physically. 
  He promised him self, he would never put anyone through something like that. And since, Selena is younger than he is, he feels like he has a responsibility of keeping her safe.  Once Selena graduates high school, they wants to move somewhere far away. Somewhere, no one knows about their age differences. Somewhere, where they wouldn't have to hide. Somewhere where they could show there love. They were tired of hiding. 
   "Justin." Selena called, waiting for Justin by the front door. 
 "I'm coming baby." He said. He laid his head back, on the head rest. 
His job wasn't paying him enough, and he wouldn't dare ask Selena to apply for a job, at the moment. 
  He was struggling to tell her, they were nearly broke. 
He was considering getting another job, but he was concerned about Selena, so he never got around to do it. But, what's was his other option? He knew, soon enough he would have to get another job, and just hope Selena would be okay with it. 
Justin ran his fingers through his hair. He took the keys from his car, and placed them in his pocket. 
  He walked inside the house, turning to see Selena. A smile crossed his face. It seemed as if, whenever he was stressed, sad, or angry, all it took was one look at her, and his mood changed completely. 
   She changed his life. 
"Justin." Selena said, kissing his sweat spot on his neck. She played with his belt loop. Justin moaned in pleasure, as she kissed his sweet spot. She unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his toned eight pack. 
She played with his fingers. 
"Selena, not tonight." Justin said, quietly. He looked away, avoiding the disappointment in her eyes. 
 She was shocked. She's usually telling him no. 
  Selena sighed, nodding. 
Justin turned his attention back on Selena. He placed his fingers on Selena's lips. "Babe, you have homework." Justin said, chuckling once a frown crossed Selena's face. 
  "I'll cook dinner, and after we eat," Justin whispered, bringing her boy closer to his. His arms wrapped around her waist. His chin rested on her shoulder. "Maybe we can," he paused purposely, knowing she was anxious to know what he was saying. 
  "Are you going to tell me?" Selena asked. "Soon." He whispered. He began laughing. "Damnit Justin! You know I hate that word!" Selena said, forcing him to let her go. She tried not to laugh, but failed. 
  "Babe, I'm sorry. Come here." Justin said, still laughing. 
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   Every time  she asked for something, Justin would reply, "Yeah soon." He teased. 
She sighed, annoyed by his answer. 
He knew it bothered her. She would somehow find a way out if his arms. 
   Being the way he was, he would always reassure her he would make it up to her. He knew she wasn't angry when he said, 'soon' just slightly annoyed. He would chase her around the house, yelling 'soon'. Once he finally caught up to her, both of them were out of breath. He would lay on top of her, and tickle her until she gave up, and let him kiss her. 
   He did it more often then usual, because now they're living under the pressure if worrying about their relationship. Justin is the one who likes to play around, and be serious in the relationship. 
   But Selena, she worries about loosing Justin. She worries about him. She worries about the relationship. She worries that the people who know about them, will spill their secret. Justin could possibly have charges pressed against him, for dating a minor. They couldn't put each other through that. And, letting the public know their age difference wasn't an option. 
They've question if the relationship they have is worth it, and every time without a doubt they say yes.  
   "Justin." Selena cried as Justin picked her up. He gently threw her over his shoulder. He twirled in circles, as Selena begged him to put her down. 
  He of course refused to our her down until she offered to kiss him. 
Her lips were one of his biggest weaknesses. 
  They didn't have as much time with each other as they wanted, but they were commuted to making their relationship work. They kept each other going. Neither one if them could imagine life without each other. 
  "Your lips my biggest weakness." Justin sang, quietly. 
"I love you." She said, giggling. 
"Say it like you mean it." Justin hissed, playfully. 
  "I love you baby." Selena blushed a little. 
  This wasn't the first time they've told each other they loved each other, but each time they say it, they fall more in love. 
   Justin let her down. They both shared a smile. "No kiss?" Justin pouted. He pouched his lips. Selena frowned, knowing she would get some type if reaction from him. 
  "C'mon babe, kiss me." Justin begged. He pouted for a few minutes, waiting for his kiss. 
  Selena leaned in, and Justin did the same. Their lips almost touched, but Selena backed out, giggling. 
  "You think that's funny? You think that's funny?" He asked. His voice was a little higher pitched, than usual. 
  Selena laughed, 
 "I'll kiss you after I do my homework, Mr. Bieber." Selena teased. She walked to the table and pulled a chair for herself. She began her home work, and Justin began cooking dinner.<>more in comments<>

  "I love you." Justin said. He leaned over the counter, starring at his beautiful girlfriend. 
 Selena looked at Justin. She set her pen on her books. 
Justin walked by Selena, and she placed a soft kiss on his lips. 
   "There's your kiss babe." She said, smiling. "Can I have another one?" Justin begged. Selena shook her head. 
  "Why don't you skip school tomorrow, and do something? Just you and I?" Justin said. He grabbed her hand. Selena nodded.
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