Is There Anybody Out There?


3. Home

Walking home from school was the same as it was when I was walking to school. The only difference was, the kids were being more aggressive. More violent. More hurtful. I walked as fast as I could, headphones in to drown out the noise. Then all of a sudden, I felt something push hard on my back and I went flying. Bag and books going everywhere, everyone gathering around me as I lay helpless on the ground.


I tried to get up, but someone booted me in the face. People started stomping on me, punching me, kicking me. I was bleeding badly, the pain soaring in. I didn't mind the pain, I was used to it. I just closed my eyes and let them finish what they had started, not even bothering to fight back. Eventually, they stopped when they realised I wasn't fighting back and they weren't getting any fun out of it. I got up, picked up my things and limped home.


Ten minutes of limping and they were after me again. This time, there was a bus coming, and it was coming fast. They pushed me. I hit hard off the windscreen and went soaring over the top and slamming onto the hard concrete. I lay there, hearing the tires of the bus screeching as it sped away, listened to the footsteps of everyone running, listened to my blood dripping onto the road. I thought I was dead. Let me re-phrase that, I hoped I was dead.


I opened my eyes, I was still lying there. No one had bothered to phone the police. No one had bothered to call an ambulance. What hurt the most, was that no one had even bothered to make sure I was alright. I struggled to get up. I tried my best to walk home, falling every couple of footsteps, wincing with the pain. The pain only actually bothered me when I had to go up and down kerbs.


I got home about an hour later. Waddling in, my mum and dad were sitting there doing the usual. Needle in the arm, bottle in the hand. I dragged myself to the bathroom, stripped down and looked at myself in the mirror for a while. I was a state, my arms and legs, covered in scars, barely recognisable and bloody and bruised. My face was all bruised and bloodied, my stomach was all cut and swollen. My ribs were swollen and bruised to the max, I wouldn't be surprised if something was broken. I ran myself a bath and sat in it, within seconds, the bath water turned red and all my body stung.


I lay there, for over an hour.. motionless. I then submerged myself in the water. My life flashed before my eyes, I did my best to stay under the water. I swallowed the water, did everything I could but my body wouldn't let me do it. I sat up, coughed and spluttered before taking a big breath in. I sat and cried, I was still here. I was still alive, I was still in this shit hole of a world.


I got dried, changed and went to my bedroom. I sat in the corner and picked up the razor, but I was to tired to do anything with it. All of my energy was drained out of me. I let go of it and watched it as it fell to the ground before crawling into my bed. I crawled up into a little ball, wrapped up in my covers and slowly drifted in and out of consciousness hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

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