Is There Anybody Out There?


1. Hello?

Are you there?

Can you hear me?

I need your help. Help me please. I'm lost, I'm alone, spinning around and around in this vicious cycle. Stuck in a world of loneliness and depression. I need someone there, I need someone to speak to. I need you to help me, help me please!


Living hell started for me when I was born, under the name Lily Jane. I'm 16. I'm lost and alone. No one is there. No one is here. No one is there for me, no one. My smack head of a mother spends 22 hours a day with a needle in her arm. The other two are spent sleeping or eating. My piss head of a father spends all day every day with the bottle in his hand. Constant. One after another, drink after drink. They're both killing themselves. I have to deal drugs to live. I need the money and since they spend all theirs on the same things that are killing them, there's no way in hell I'm getting anywhere near any money they get.


I go to school. It's my only escape from this place, but then again.. school isn't much better either. No one there speaks to me, they ignore me. But when they do, they speak to me like I'm a piece of shit on their shoes. I hate this place. This shitty town. This shitty house. This shitty school.


I get stared at constantly because of the way I look. Thick eyeliner, a collar with spikes, black skinnies, spiked boots. You get the drift. The way I dress causes me to get classed and named. Emo, Mosher, Goth, Faggot ect ect.


I'm losing it, if I haven't lost it already.

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