DELILAH *Sequel*

I guess I'm not the daughter that they expected to have. Oh well.
My mother (the only person in this world that defends me) was diagnosed with lung cancer just a few months ago, and none of us even want to think about how much longer she has. My older sister, Minnie, just went off to college, and without daddy's little princess in the house, he gets mad about everything and anything. He hates the love of my life, my friends, my job and all the other things in my life that I love.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my father is Harry Styles... Right?

Part II to MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fan-fiction)


13. Thirteen

"Baby. Pumpkin, look at me." my eyes fluttered open. Dad was leaning over towards the back seats. "Are you hurt?" I didn't answer at first, just looked around. We were parked at the airport.

"No. I just want to go home." I said firmly, and he put his hand on my knee. 

"Delilah, Mom's in the hospital again." he sighed. "She's been ill since you left. And they've been running tests on her all week."

"But she's gonna be okay, right?" 

"I hope so." he closed his eyes painfully, and I looked at Kevin. 

"It's gonna be okay, Delilah." He never calls me by my full name. I've always been 'Dee' to him. I stared at him for a long time, and he knew that I knew what he'd done. It wasn't the same.

"It's not, actually." I said back.

"Why would you say that?" Dad asked, referring to my mother. 

"It's nothing. Just unlock the door, please." I stepped out and hugged Harry. He smelled so warm and just like vanilla. He held me tight. 

"I thought I'd lost you, baby girl." I sniffled into his jacket and he took my hand. I flinched and he saw that I was a bit traumatized. He pulled away politely. "Pumpkin, you know I would never ever do anything as disgusting-"

"I know. I just.." I wiped my face and climbed the stairs of the jet without finishing my sentence. Dad shook the pilot's hand and followed me. 

"Why don't you eat something?" 

"I'm not hungry, Dad." 

"Then go lie down, eh? You look exhausted." I went to the back and found a couch to lay on.


"Hey can I talk to you?" Kevin asked. I glared up at him and huffed. My foot balanced on the ground and he led me to the bathroom. It was small, so we were pretty close. "Dee..." 

"What?" I crossed my arms on my chest and stared him down. 

"It's not what you think."

"Oh, shut up, Kevin."

"She's not-"

"Save it!"

"Delilah I'm sorry." he sighed, and dropped his weak arms in surrender. "I love you."

"If you loved me, you wouldn't have fucked her." I said proudly. 

"I didn't mean- I... I'm ending it with her."

"You shouldn't have started it."

"Babe, I swear its over."

"You're right, Kevin. It is over." He grabbed my waist and whimpered, not wanting to let me go. 

"Don't. Stop, Dee. I wanna be with you. Not her."

"Get your hands off of me, jackass. It's done." I pushed him against the wall and escaped. 

"You alright, darling?" Harry asked me, opening his arms. I gladly cuddled into his embrace and tried to hold my tears back. He stroked my head and kissed my hair. 

"Yeah, Daddy. I'll be okay."

"I love you so much, pumpkin."

"Love you too, Dad." I squeezed him tighter and watched as Kevin returned from the bathroom, his eyes red and sad. I closed my eyes and sniffled. 

My life is falling apart. 

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