Forever Found

On September 19th 1993, a mother gave birth to triplets. However the mother panicked not knowing what to do and when no one was looking she ran. Leaving her new born triplets at the hospital.
The triplets are sent off to live with other families. Jess went to live with a young couple in a small village, while Niall went off to live with a couple that lived in Ireland. Emily the last triplet (or you could say the runt of the litter) never found a family. So as a newborn baby she was sent to an orphanage in London.
This is the story of the triplets, Jess, Niall and Emily. Will they ever meet in the future?

Sorry this is such a pooey blurb but the story will be so much better :D
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4. Chapter 4


Jess' Pov


Today was the day that I will be driving to London in MY new car! I am so excited! I slid out of bed and did my normal morning routine which consisted of showering and getting dressed doing my hair and makeup. Today I decided to wear a white dress which fell a little bit above my knee, and it had a skinny brown belt around the waist. And just to add a bit of colour I decided to wear pinky orangey sandals.

I skipped downstairs and into the kitchen and I found a note on the kitchen table.


Sorry Hun that we couldn't be there to say goodbye but we got a call in from work saying we needed to be there. Hope you have a lovely trip, and be safe.

Lots of love 

Mum xx

I sighed. They are always busy with work, it was actually a miracle they stayed home for my birthday with no calls from work.

I walked over to the fridge and pulled out the orange juice, grabbed a cup then poured the juice in.

I also decided on having some toast with peanut butter on. Once I was finished I put my plate and glass into the washing up bowl that was in the sink, then ran off back upstairs.

Last night I had packed everything that I will be needing for those 2 months that I will be staying in London. I zipped up my two very large and very heavy suitcases and attempted to bring them down stairs so I can put them in my car.

Once i put them in the car I ran back into the house to check the time. It was almost 11. I ran back upstairs to pack my iphone and purse, lipgloss and other things into my handbag. I looked back into my room to see if there was anything else I had forgotten. Then I turned around and walked away.

I looked at the clock which was on the oven saying it was 11:03 so I decided to make a move. I walked to my front door, feeling slightly nervous as I wasn't allowed out on my own much. I also made sure I locked the door behind me then i walked towards my car. I got in the drivers side placing my handbag in the passengers side. And since it was a nice day I put the roof down.

I turned my key and heard the car purr. Omg. I can't believe i'm actually doing this! And soon I was driving to London.

I looked over at my car clock which read 1:46. And boy I was hungry. So I pulled into a rest station and grabbed my handbag and walked in. I found some fast food places so I went to McDonalds and got a normal cheese burger with some chips and some pepsi to drink. Then I walked back to my car. In the car park I noticed 5 teenaged boys lurking. They were all in big hoddies with the hoods up, black trousers, and had sunglasses on. 'Cause that doesn't look suspicious' I thought sarcastically to myslef. I carried on walking. I looked towards them again. Then I felt this weird connection, I don't know what it was. But I found myself being attracted by one of them. Hm... strange. But I decided to brush it of and continued to walk to my car. I got into the drivers seat and started to eat my meal and check my twitter account on my iphone. When I was done I got out to throw my rubbish away then got back in and carried on my journey to London. But that group of teenaged boys were still in the back of my mind.

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