Forever Found

On September 19th 1993, a mother gave birth to triplets. However the mother panicked not knowing what to do and when no one was looking she ran. Leaving her new born triplets at the hospital.
The triplets are sent off to live with other families. Jess went to live with a young couple in a small village, while Niall went off to live with a couple that lived in Ireland. Emily the last triplet (or you could say the runt of the litter) never found a family. So as a newborn baby she was sent to an orphanage in London.
This is the story of the triplets, Jess, Niall and Emily. Will they ever meet in the future?

Sorry this is such a pooey blurb but the story will be so much better :D
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1. Chapter 1



Jess' Pov


"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you!" I heard. I opened my eyes to see my mum and dad singing in front of me. I sat up and rubbed my tired eyes. 

"Mornin' sweetheart happy 18th birthday!" My dad said while ruffling my hair. I smiled up at both of them. 

"Hey honey, get ready and come downstairs." Mum said softly and pulled me into a hug. When they left my room, I jumped out of bed in excitement. I ran over to my walk in wardrobe to find the perfect outfit that I will wear today. Then I ran over to my bathroom turning on my shower waiting for it to warm up. When it started to steam I stripped off my pyjamas and pants and hopped into the shower. My muscles relaxed as soon as the warm water hit them. Then I did the usual stuff that you would do in the shower.

When I was done I held my breath preparing myself for the cold air waiting on the otherside of the shower. As soon as I stepped out I grabbed my white fluffy towel and wrapped it around me.

I dired myself and my shoulder length brown hair before putting on a simple peach coloured dress with a brown belt around the waist and a light denim jacket over the top. then slipping on some plain black flipflops. Once I was satisfied I skipped down stairs and into the kitchen to try to find my parents. I found a note stuck onto the fridge with a magnet saying


Grab something to eat then come outside but you have to eat first.

xx mum


I got all jittery, you know the feeling when you have to wake up early in the morning when your about to leave to go on holiday. Yeah well I had that feeling but ten times worse! I grabbed an apple quickly eating before throwing it into the food waste bin.

I quickly sped walked round to the front of the house. I opened the front door to see my parents standing next to a white confertible that had a pink bow on it.

I stood in the door way gob smacked.

"Happy Birthday squirt!" My dad said and kissed the top of my head. No way was this car mine!

"Come on honey don't be shy!" My mum giggled. Still gob smacked I slowly nodded my head and walked towards the car. I opened the drivers door and got in. All I could think was O. M. F. G!  

"Why don't you take it for a spin later then honz!" My mum said and hugged me.

"Lets open cards now!" My mum said opening the car door for me to get out. 

"Yay!" I said half heartedly as I really wanted to drive MY NEW CAR! ahh still gets me everytime.

In the sitting room there were lots of cards. Most from other family members and one from my parents.

I sit on the floor next to the coffee table which held all the cards. I opened all the family members cards, inside a few of them were checks and money so I was grateful, then the last card was from my parents. 

I opened the envelope opening the card, and a brochure for London fell out. What the? I looked up at my mum and dad curiously. 

"Suprise!" My dad said cheerfully. I have always wanted to go to London! To see the London eye and Big Ben, it's funny because I lived all of my life in England but yet never stepped a foot in London!

"We payed for a hotel room for you so you can go to London." My dad finished saying. It's been a dream of mine to go! I stood up and hugged both my parents.

"So when do I leave?" I asked already excited.

"Tomorrow around lunch time. Its only a four hour drive from here so you won't be to tired." Mum said smiling. Wait what!?

"Wait am I driving to London?!" I asked hoping the answer was going to be yes.

"Yeah you are if thats alright" Mum answered! YESSSSSSSSS! Freedom!!!.


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