How Could I Love You?

Carla is 17 years old and is a victim of bullying everyday she gets bullied and because of one person Ethan he's the main source she doesn't know why everyone one hates her so much.Ethan is a werewolf the whole school is except for Carla. Ethan the soon to be alpha is waiting for his mate what happens when he finds it it could be worst thing ever happening to him. Read how Carla gets threw it all how she changes and how Ethan reacts to it all.

sooner or later Carla's gonna have to put it all aside because of what fate has brought her to.

HOW COULD I LOVE YOU? is something you will be sucked into.


1. How Could I Love You?


All my life I felt like I didn't belong anywhere like no one loved me or could love me. It’s hard trusting people I always give people that opening and they always left it bleeding and hurt. I felt like a joke I always thought what people said about me was true maybe I am a loser  maybe I should just kill myself.

But then I always remember my father’s words when he died in the hospital “don’t let anyone tell  you what to do with your life ,you’re in charge don’t forget". Where are you now? dad I thought a tear rolled down my cold pale cheek I quickly wiped it away and swung up and down on my swing.

My name is Carla I have blond curly hair and blue eyes I've always felt this way about myself all those things but you could hardly blame me. I get bullied at school a lot but  my mom loves me and try’s to help but I push her away sometimes because it become too much to handle.

I remember the first time I came to this town I was so excited I was in grade 7 then and I was like any other girl but it all changed I wasn't that girl anymore I was Carla ,the loser, Carla the girl who cuts herself, Carla the screw up... could go on all day, people judged me before they got to know me and that’s why I’m like this.

I got off the swing and started walking home kicking snow as I went. When I got home my mom was there on the couch drinking coffee.

" Hey mom" I said I tried to put a smile on my face

" Hey honey" she could see how hard it was for me to do that

" How was your walk" she asked I went to the fridge and grabbed and bottle of water and sat down beside her and she wrapped her arms around me.

" It was fine I cleared my mind a bit" I've had many things going on since my dad died a month ago from a car crash no one knew yet only me and my mom.

My mom turned my body so that I was facing her, "I promise when I get enough money we can leave and you won’t have to face this anymore" tears started to fall from my eyes and she wiped them away, smiling sadly at me.

That night I dreampt of my dad and his smile he was a handsome guy and  he was my best friend so was my mom. Than I dreampt of the horrible things I would have to face tomorrow the people laughing at me making fun of me. I cried into my pillow until it was soaked and I fell asleep.



I didn't want it to come, I didn't want the face challenges of tomorrow. I got of my bed and went into the bathroom I looked in the mirror I could see all the scars I had on my arms not from hurting myself but from people hurting me like the cheerleaders or the stupid ass football team, always messing with me and "accidentally" tripping me. Every day it got worse.But there something so weird the whole school hated me and I had no reason to why they hated me. Why I was always the victim.

There was always someone behind it all his name was, Ethan I hate him with all my guts I would murder him if I ever got the chance just thinking about him made me shiver all over he was the reason why I was like this. In their eyes he as the cool guy the jock the player a leader, in my eyes he was a monster a sexy monster but a monster nonetheless.  

I took a shower and got dressed I wore a hoddie with skins and vans I didn't care how I looked I left my hair straight and walked down the stairs I knew I was going to be late but who cared why would I want to rush to school to get beat up.

My mom had already gone to work she left lunch I went into the fridge and took an apple and went outside to my car. The drive to school was slow on purpose of course but when I got there all my fears came back to me I didn't know what Ethan had planned for me today, was I going to get another beating gosh for what, being me?. I pulled up in a parking space people were already staring in disgust at the sight of me I turned off my car and stepped out.

I walked into the school building people were giggling silently and were talking about me I tried my best to ignore them the hallways were silent when I got to locker nothing seemed to happen it’s when I opened my locker is when it all happened.

Paint sprayed out of my locker getting me all covered in paint and everything in my locker was covered in paint my textbooks, my notebooks ,the necklace my father had given me passed down by generations in his family. I turned around and everyone practically the whole school staring at m laughing they were saying

" What a loser"

" You should kill yourself"

"It’s obvious you’re not wanted here"

and then there was him- Ethan was in front of everyone smiling

" I don’t know why you bother coming back you are never going to be accepted here" he laughed along with everyone else. Ethan I thought, I can’t say I’m  surprised.

Usually he did stuff like this and when it happened to me I would shrug it off like it was nothing I’m really fragile but I don’t show tears to anyone but myself, but today something took over me I sat down in front of my locker waiting for it to all end- sobbing loudly, last thing I had of my father was ruined. 

Ethan POV.

When the paint poured on her it was to funny everyone started laughing like crazy her face was priceless she was holding something in her hand she didn't say anything she just stared at us. Your probably wondering why we’re doing this well she doesn't belong here she’s human and we are werewolves.

That’s right werewolves and she’s a muggle, we hate muggles and  she was the only muggle in this school. I’m next in line for alpha and I can’t wait to find my mate. My birthday is tomorrow when you turn eighteen you find your mate. I've always wondered what she would look like beautiful, sexy thinking about it got me excited.

I put my attention back  on Carla she bent down and sat in front of her locker crying hard everyone stopped laughing she never cried when we did stuff like this I wondered what made today any different she clutched something hard in her hand and continued to sob.

I felt my heart clench a little but I ignored it, this was crap and I started to walk away, trying not to give a shit but then I heard a loud sound.

" WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!!!" A teacher came rushing down the hallway. Well today was just full of first’s a teacher has never interrupted or caught us. I was about to sprint like everyone else did but then I heard my name and halted.

"Ethan get over here now" a male voice yelled and I knew who it was.

It was Mr. Walters he was also a werewolf he bent down beside Carla and spoke

"Ethan. WHAT.DID.YOU DO?" I could hear the anger in his voice.

Even though I was next in line for alpha until then I had to follow  the same rules as everyone else all teachers and student feared me, but no Mr. Walters he made it clear he would beat the shit out of me if I tried that shit on him.

"Nothing sir"

"NOTHING, THIS YOUNG GIRL IS CRYING HER EYES OUT AND ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS NOTHING!” he screamed, his breathing became hard and his eyes were hard as rocks-angry you could say.

I looked down on her, she was still hiding her face crying. This bitch I swear next time I’m g-

"Carla look at me please" he asked her.

She lifted her face and looked at me, her eyes were full of tears and  I could see she was scared. to mar Walter helped her up and she looked down at herself.

"Carla go clean up and Ethan follow me I think it’s time you had a talk with your father.” He shook his head disapprovingly.

I clenched my teeth and fists in anger but followed him to my father’s office though not before giving Carla a glare. She yelped and I smirked as she ran to the bathroom. 

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