How Could I Love You?

Carla is 17 years old and is a victim of bullying everyday she gets bullied and because of one person Ethan he's the main source she doesn't know why everyone one hates her so much.Ethan is a werewolf the whole school is except for Carla. Ethan the soon to be alpha is waiting for his mate what happens when he finds it it could be worst thing ever happening to him. Read how Carla gets threw it all how she changes and how Ethan reacts to it all.

sooner or later Carla's gonna have to put it all aside because of what fate has brought her to.

HOW COULD I LOVE YOU? is something you will be sucked into.


2. Chapter 2

The teacher had told me to go get cleaned up i got up he had asked Ethan to follow him to the principle a.k.a. His father that’s why he thought he had power over everyone. I’ve heard many rumors he has anger management it’s always been a big problem for him I’m not surprised once again were talking about Ethan here the one who broke my arm in grade 9,the Ethan who got the whole school to turn on me.

I ran to the washroom everyone was in class so it was empty. I looked in the mirror I was ruined, covered in paint. How was I going to clean this?. I wiped my face, the paint was practically dried  and I didn't have any spare clothes so I guess I was stuck. I sat on the counter in the bathroom, why did Ethan hate me so much I bet he was never like this all the time but I couldn't picture Ethan being nice it’s impossible.

Maybe it’s only a side he shows me -- his mean side. I couldn't lie he was hot-- no drop dead gorgeous, he had dirty blond hair and blue eyes a girl would just die looking at but he was rude violent. I couldn't help to feel the feeling of missing him, like there was pull between us somehow, like…

Was I crazy missing him I dragged my hands threw my hair and got off the counter and made my way to the office

Ethan POV

I was waiting in the outside my father’s office he was on the phone dealing with pack business I couldn’t believe it on the day before my birthday I get in trouble and it’s because of that bitch ,Carla having  a human in our school is disgusting the first day we saw her we wanted her out we did everything she kept coming back.

The door to the waiting room opened and Carla walked in with dried paint all over her she looked at me and I glared at her and she quickly averted her eyes from me. She sat in the far corner of the room.

I never noticed her that much , she was cute and I would have hit it if she was human, what the hell am I talking about she kept slipping glances’ at me and this was my time to talk.

“What are you looking at? “I asked her

She stared at me and she held her gaze to me I got out  of my seat and walked up to her grabbed her by her arm and pulled her up to the wall.

"What the hell are you looking at!" I yelled in her face

 She looked away from me and then I noticed something her arms there were bruises all over. I let go of her arm and  she stepped back and held onto her arm.

 I made  my way back to my seat and thought..

Had I done that?

 I guess I did but she deserved it, did she?

 Finally my father made his way out he looked at Carla. My father was a gentle guy I was his total opposites we never got along.

" Both of you come in my office" his voice seemed a little edgy he wasn't in the mood you could tell. I got up from my seat and so did Carla she stood there probably waiting for me to go in first. I walked into my father’s office and sat in one of the chairs and Carla did same.

"So what happened" my father’s voice had no patience in it. He looked at Carla when he asked the question. She looked down and didn't speak.

My father sighed " if I’m going to help you then I need the truth, now" he got up from his seat and went to sit in front of his desk. Carla sucked in her breath and started.


Carla POV

I sucked in my breath and spoke

" It’s been happening since grade 9, being bullied, being beat up and I have done nothing wrong. I just wanted to go through high school like a normal girl but I can’t even do that. They pick on me and everything, everything I believed everyone, that I have ever trusted I pushed out of my life. I just want to be left alone......I JUST WANNA BE NORMAL!!!" I screamed and I started to sob. The principle handed me a tissue and I wiped my face I looked over at Ethan his face impassive but I looked at his hangs and they were clenched tightly the knuckles white.

" Carla I understand what you’re going through and I’ll make sure its handled-- properly trust me”

 Ethan’s  father looked at me and gave me a smile I tried to smile back but the tears kept coming because I knew nothing could stop this, this hurt, the pain I would live it for the rest of my life.

" Wait for me in the hall please and I’ll be right there "

 I got up and walked out I went back into the waiting room.

What have I done I thought, I put my face between my hands and cried.


Ethan POV

I just want to be normal when she said that my heart stopped when she said all of it actually i didn’t know what to say I stared at her in utter and complete shock.

 My father had asked her to wait outside and when she closed the door behind her my father snapped his head to me.

" Is this what you do in your spare time" he asked.

I scoffed " dad she doesn't belong here she’s human were werewolves get with the program"

He crossed his hands over his chest and shock his head " that girl is scared for life because of what you did and now you’re going to fix it, being and alpha means taking on responsibility and I’m starting to think you’re not capable of that job"

What not capable!

" I’m capable I deserve it more than anyone" I slammed my hand on his desk and that’s when he got up from his chair.

"Being an alpha is not only about yourself it’s a about the pack, your birthday is tomorrow and the whole pack meaning the whole school is invited for a dinner invite Carla"

“I refuse to invite her, the pack will go wild and I refuse to show weakness my birthday, my choice"

My father’s eyes burned with anger I could see he was losing his patience with me

" For God’s sake Ethan" he yelled " 18 tomorrow and your still acting like a baby you’re not ready for alpha"

“Yes I am" I yelled.

“Then prove it invite her to that party “he said. I glared at him and walked out of his office slamming the door behind me. I saw Carla and she jumped up when the door slammed.

Looking at her just made me even more angrier and I went up to her and grabbed her arm tightly I could see she was trying to squirm and lessen my grip but I just gripped it tighter when we reached beside ether school building I through her against the wall.

“you just had to say something right" I held her hand tight against the wall she had fear in her eyes I could see it.

“it’s your entire fault" and then I did something I never thought I would ever do I hit her across the face her head snapped back in the left direction and I could see the red mark on her face.

She looked at me and I could see the tears coming out of her eyes.

“Carla I’m...”

“Why? “She asked

I looked at her confused she shook her head

“why me?”

and with that she ran away I wanted to Scream after her but I couldn't my voice was silent she was out of sight and I bent down ad looked at my hands.

The one thing my father had always told me no matter how mad you get with a woman you never hit her, yes I’ve bullied her and sometimes caused accidents to occur but never have I laid my hands on her and if anyone in the pack did they were warned.

I had to find to find out where she lived . I looked around and saw mike, a friend of mine I ran up to him.

“Mike I need a favor?”

“Sure man”

Carla’s POV

I ran home crying I seemed to be doing that a lot lately my mom was working late that night and wouldn't be home until after midnight I had the whole house to myself most teenagers would be happy about this but it felt lonely when she wasn't around like I said she was my best friend.

I was watching sponge bob when the doorbell rang I got up and walked to the door. who could be up so late, well except for me. I opened the door and my mouth dropped .

Ethan was standing in my door way at 12:00 at night.  I eventually stopped staring  and then spoke

“ wha-what do you need” I stuttered he looked into my eyes, his blue gems piercing through me.

“ I came here to apologize and invite to my party tomorrow “ He pulled out an invitation and gave it to me

“ I hope you can be there”

I looked at him and then the invitation “ If this is some kind of s-“

“ it’s not promise” he looked honest enough “and it’s a dinner party by the way so dress up and goodnight” and with that he was gone I started after him and then closed the door

Ethan just asked me to a party…I didn't know if I should  scream or cry.

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