I see you, i hear you...

Melica is a 16 year old girl, one night when her parents was out on a "date" Melica got a Sms form some one who called them self A.
Melica finds out that A is a killer, and have killed her parents and a lot of ppl. in the city she lives in..
So melica Is going on a trip to find and KILL A...
Read and see if she can do it


1. The sms

"Do you remember me!?" I remember hearing a little girls voice asking me that right before I past out today. Mom and dad wasn't home at the time when I past out so they didn't know anything.

It have been years since I past out last, I realized I was laying on the floor, my head felt like a water balloon, my legs and arms was fighting to hold me when I finally stood up, the sun was all ready going down.

how long had I been past out? I tried to look at the clock, but it didn't work. I did not thing a lot about that and then tried to turn on the TV' but it didn't work either. "DAMN IT!" But when I walked out to eat something from the kitchen it suddenly turn on.... 


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