Let love decide

Jane never expected something excited would happend to her. She just moved to London and wanted to forget her past. But one day she meet Harry Styles and then the rest of One Direction and thats where exciting things start.
But what happens when love destroys everything?


2. Chapter 2 - Mr. Styles


Mr. Styles


Next morning i stood up early. I had a quick shower and then the drama started. I try not to think about what happend today but it wasn't easy. I mean i don't know Harry. I red a few things about him last night but i don't know anything about his life. I never was a Directioner or any upsest girl about boybands. 

Honestly i think it's just wasting time to get attracted about some famous people... They are just yeah people... But he was cute. So what if he doesn't like me!?

I'm not that dream of boy. I think.. I have dark messy cruls and dark green eyes. In my opinion i was to fat but my brother always said i was nearly anorexic... What isn't right!

Maybe i should'nt go.

CALM DOWN JANE! I wasn't intrested in him before so way now start to get crazy? I brushed through my dark hair and let it dry by the air.

I stood infront of my closet and looked for something to wear. But i hadn't ANYTHING! And i was going to meet Harry fucking Styles. I always knew my live sucks but have it to suck that bad?!

I sighed and closed my eyes. Good universe! If you want to play then let's play!

I grabed into the closet without looking what i grabbed and opened my eyes. I hold my favorite grey pullover in the hands. Some white pearls were sewn on top of the shoulders and it was really comfy. Ten minutes after that i wore this pullover, a black skinny jeans and my black boots. It was already quater past one. I slightly put on make up and tried on my hat. I fell over myself three times until i was ready.

It was ten to two when i left my flat.

I run down the stairs, trying not to loose my balance. I was goingt to be late.

I sigh and walked down the path to starbucks.

Okay Jane, you can do this! No really, i have to calm down!!  Of course i knew One Direction before. You have to ignore every newspaper and stuff if you don't know them but i always was into older music. More classic. But maybe this is something he likes.... maybe.

I stood infront of starbucks and closed my eyes for a moment. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS!

I opened my eyes, put a smile on and finaly i walked in. Starbucks was nearly empty but i don't care. He was anywhere so I decide to order. 

"One tall Caramel macchiato please!", i ordered.



"Whipped cream?"

I nod and smile to the ground.

"Good choice!", i heard a deep husky voice behind me. I turned around to see Harry infront of me.

"Thanks", i muttered.

"Same for me please", Harry said to the waitress.

We sit at a table in the corner far away from every window.

"So love, tell me something about you", he said and looked me deep into the eyes. Goosebump makes his way up and down my back and i gave him a cheeky smile.

"I'm Jane and i moved in here before two or three days. I'm a artist but i work in a old theathre and sew new costumes. I alw-", i was cut of the waitress who called for us. For "Jane" and "Tarzan". I burst out in laughing when i heard it. Harry got our drinks and handle me one over.

"Tarzan? Really?", i asked still try not to laugh to hard.

I look him into the eyes but he always broke contact.

"I thought of Tarzan and Jane...", he chuckled. I took a sip of my drink. It was delicous and most immportantly hot. I hold the glas tight in my hands and blushed.

"What about you Harry? Anything about you?"

I really want to know the answer. As i already mention i'm not a fan, i only knew he was Harry Styles in a band that name i can't remember now.

"I'm Harry Styles", he said. I gave him a smile.


"Come on. You know me. Everyone knows me"

"You're right, i know the famous Harry Styles from a band. But i don't know you", i replied and shook my head.

"Oh! I'm Harry Styles and work as a sanger. I'm really happy with my life and yeah!"

I shook my head. "Harry, you don't understand what i mean... I didn't mean you as Harry Styles... I meant Harold..."

He looked up from his drink and looked a bit shocked.


I give him a smile. "When was the last time you were outside the city?", i asked him.

"Tour..", he muttered.

"I don't knwo when that was but that isn't necessary", i said and stand up.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows as i pull on my jacket. I hold my hand out to him and smiled.

"Wanna go?"



I went behind him, my hands covered his eyes.

"Can i open them now?"

"Wait a miniute Harry... Now!"

I let go of him and made some steps right.

I brought him to a abandoned lake. It is located next to london. It is just simply beautiful.

The snow sparkles, it was quiet and yeah.. just a perfect place in a old park. Don't ask me why but nobody is interested in it. Maybe thats why the lake is in a forest but i don't care. The trees surround the lake which was really big.

"Wow..", Harry breathed.

"I know! And now Mr Styles, let's ice skating!"

"No! Never in a million years!"

I laughed and showed him two pairs of skates, that i had at home. One pair was mine, the other one belongs to my brother. He never liked ice skating so i get his.

I try on my whites and gave him a smile.

"Come on Harold!"

I stepped onto the ice and turn around myself. I always love to skate. It was like drawing. Simple and fluently.

Suddenly i heard some noise behind me. Harry was on the ice and looked like he was really afraid. I made my way up to him and gave him my hands.

"Just move Harry. Have you ever skate on the ice before?"

"Yes, of course. I just think i forget how to do it..."

"I'll show you!"

I giggled and we start to skate.

At first it  was difficult but he learned fast! "Don't you miss this?", i suddenly asked him.

"Miss what?"

"Being outside.. being free?"

"I don't know", he muttered. I noticed how uncomfortable the situation gets.

"I.. i get cold", i mumbled and watch my breatch that made little clouds.

"Maybe we should play?"

"Play what?"

"I try to catch you", he suggested.

I chuckeld and run away from him. I was fast. But he was fast too.

I heard him breath behind me and i laughed.

But suddenly i can't hear him anymore.

I turned around myself to look after him but there was no Harry.

I started to search after him.

"Harry? Harold?"

"HERE!", he screamed and crashed against me.

I lost my balance. We both fell down onto the ice and laughed. He was really fast.

"Right here...", he whispered suddenly really close to my mouth.

I looked into his emeral eyes and can't breath.

What's happening Mr. Styles?

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