Hogwarts Comedians

When Cat goes into her 6th year at Hogwarts and Jamie her 3rd...it's a bit awkward.
Jamie doesn't know Cat, she socialises with the Weasly twins.
Cat doesn't know Jamie, She's a Malfoy.
But something starts making them friends and soon their the comedians of the school, along with the twins...


4. Chapter 4

Cats P.O.V.

I hauled my trunk on the train,then came back to help Draco with his. After we got his on the back, I took mine and went looking for a place to sit. I found Alex, but his compartment was too full for me.

My only choices were to sit with George Weasley, and a girl I saw last year, or to sit with Draco. I chose George Weasley. I glared at them through the window and clearly scared the girl. Weasley looked at me and winked. Uhh, clearly he hadn't gotten over his crush. 

I opened the door and sat down. I put on some earmuffs that I keep with me every time I go on the Hogwarts Express, I case I sit next to annoying people. I pulled out a random spell book and started reading. I got to page 464 we pulled up at the Hogwarts castle.

As i stood up to leave the girl asked what my name was. "Cat Malfoy." I replied,"yours?"

"Jamie-Leigh Raven!" She exclaimed, something told me this girl was VERY bubbly...

"you know George of course..." She said giving him a death glare. 

"Yes." I said abruptly looking away as he winked again..Jamie seemed to find this hilarious as she burst out laughing making her hair turn yellow. Oh yeah this was the Metamorphagmus from last year...

I walked off of the train with them behind me and as Draco saw them he was about to say something dumb when I shut HIM up with a death glare. 

"You know my brother..." I mumbled. I spotted Teddy and called him over.

"Hi.." He started.

"Your second year right Teddy?" I quickly asked him, he nodded.

"Go and take Jamie to the Great Hall i have to talk to Weasley."  I told him and he did as i said,"you like her Weasley." 

"And?" He answered turning red.

"Stop flirting with me or I'll tell her." I stated. He didnt look taken back he just nodded, very slowly as if his head would fall off otherwise,"good, see you around Weasley." And as I said this i walked off, making sure i made enough distance to turn back after awhile and glare at him.

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