My Bully Harry

Hi. My name is Fallon, but my friends call me Fae. Well, I don't really have any friends, besides my mum and a girl 4 years younger than me. I'm 17 myself..
I live with my mum in London in a little 2 bedroom apartment. Not a lot of space, aye, but it's perfectly fine by me.
I just finished the summer vacation, and I'm now going back to senior year. Hallelujah. I don't know why I said that? Yes I do. Because of one curly haired little thing. I know you're completly off track now, right? No? Well.. his name is Harry. Even his name gives me shivers. I've always been bullied in school. There have never been a day, where I could walk home without bruises or wounds. And the one who causes that, is my bully, Harry.
This is my story.


1. Black boots and a kick in the ass

OBS: This may content mature stuff. Read at your own risk.


Helloooo peepz I don't know!


This is a true story, btw.


Okay, it's not. But let's just say it is. MORE DRAMA.


Okay, I'll stop now


Why am I talking to myself?


Okay, it all started when I was 7. I wa-


Wait, what? Not that long back. 


Uh.. let's start in the morning. Yup! That's more right.


Fae's POV


I woke up by the sound of my mum twerking.


No, that's just wrong. SCRATCH THAT. 


I woke up by the sound of my mum yelling. Great.




That's why I love my mum. Always so carring and understanding. 


Well, she actually don't know anything about me getting bullied. She don't derserve to know that. 


That came out wrong.. It's not like she doesn't deserve it, she just have a lot on her mind, whitout my problems.


I swung my legs out of the bed and rubbed my eyes. Rubbed. I like that word. It sounds fun. Wait! FOCUS FAE.


I walked to my closet and opened it. Gosh. I really need to clean up in this mess. Nah.. It's quite colourful. 


I grabbed a bra and a pair of underpanties. Underpanties. Ha-ha. NOW I'M DOING IT AGAIN! STOP FAE!


I was walking to the bathroom, when I started to think: 'What is the meaning of life?'. Imma very deep, aye? 


Taking a shower didn't really make me more awake. But I liked standing there under the water. So warm and- NO! Don't fall asleep in the shower! Again.. 


Yeah, I fell asleep in the shower one time. Ya got a prob? I didn't think so either.


I walked out of the shower, wrapped a towel around myself and decided to blow dry my hair. I hated blow drying my hair. I always burned myself, cause I started daydreaming. (I do that in real life too, it's so hurtful. Poor me)


Putting on my underwear was harder than expected. Maybe it was because I got to sleep at 3am, and I only had slept in 2 and a half hour? Nah..


I walked back to my bedroom and inside my closet. Not literally walked inside my closet. That would be weird. Well, not if you got a 'walk in closet', but I don't. Got it?


I put on a pair of black highwaisted shorts, a pink 'CHEAP MONDAY' tee and some plack trainers to match the outfit. I'm so matchy. I like the word matchy. Is that even a word?


I looked at myself in the mirror and put my hair up in a messy bun. Great. My bun looks like my closet, without the colourful stuff of course.


After I was done getting ready, I slung my Dakine bag around my shoulder and walked down the hallway to the kitchen. It sounded like the hallway was like 100 miles. Okay, maybe not that much. 


My mum sat by the counter and ate waffles and blueberries. "GOD! MY FAVORITE! HOW DID YOU KNOW MUM? Oh, right.. ya're ma mum" I always talked like this to my mamma. She tried talking like that to sometime, but it didn't end well.. Don't you dare ask. 


She start laughing and I laughed with her. We always had our little war of laughing. I always win, cause I start bursting out of laughter cause her laughter. She really sounds like a whale, and I'm not even kidding. It's like those whales with that little blow whole. So cute btw. But not to my mum. Never cute. Just no.


I took a waffle and waved at my mum and looked a her with a 'Goodbye mum! I don't have a lot, so I'm just gonna kidnap this waffle and hurry to school, cause I can't stay home and eat Ben & Jerry's and watching Pretty Little Liars while crying out all of my organs'- look. Okay, that sounded to dramatic, didn't it? Maybe a little too much, but I meant every word.






I got to school 10 minutes before first class. Just enough time to get to my locker and-




I fell and fell and fell and fell and BAM!


Hit an active vulcano.




And dead.


Nah, okay. 


It didn't happen just like that.


I hit something while I was walking in my own thoughts. I layed on the floor- or I layed on my bag, who layed on the floor- and whispered/yelled out some colourful words.


My head turned around a little, dizzy.


I opened my eyes and squinted them a little, while focusing on the thing in front of me.


It was a tall and dark silhuette tha-


"Well, well, who do we have here?" A voice said.


I knew that voice.


It was a voice there used to yell and laugh at me.


A voice who was the cause to my bruises and wounds and even nightmares.


It was the voice.




No, not now.


Please no. I just want to have a normal first school day, whitout any violence..


I opened my eyes wide.


Yes, it was, who I had expected.


He wore a black pair of skinny jeans, a navy coloured tee and black boots. And of course his black Ray-ban sunglasses. 


He slowly started to bend down towards me.


I shirvered.


"Awe, the poor girl is shivering". The small audience started to crowd behind him as they laughed at me. He and his gang was the 'owners' of the school. They ruled everything and evrybody. And if they didn't obey, his gang, with him as the leader, gave them, what they deserved.


I was not a fan of him and the gang as everyone else. I just avoided them as much as I could, but that just made it all worse. Trust me.


One time he had treated me so violently, that it looked like, I had been in a car accident. And it felt like that too. 


Back to reality. The cruel reality.


I felt something against my bum. It was a kick. AUCH!


I got out of my thoughts and looked up at him.


Black boots and a kick in the ass.




"YOU HEAR ME?". He started yelling and I looked cofused.


"I SAID, GET UP!" I got up as fast as I could and slung my back against my locker. 


I looked at him with a non-emotion-face. I aparently ignored him, cause just after I felt a hand against my face. He slapped me.


"H-Harry.. Please" I squealed and layed a hand softly on my cheek. I could literally feel his hand shape on my cheek as it started to heat.


He smirked at me. Not that sweet smirk, no, an evil smirk, that can rip out your organs and feed them to unicorns from inside Narnia. Yeah, that didn't make sense. Just act like it did.


"And why should I do that, Fae Fool?"


There it is. The nicknames. Fae Fool, Fat Fallon, Flob Fae and ect.


He started to stroke my heated cheek and I sighed in pain. 




I won't let him do this to me anymore!


I flinched his hand away and looked down at my shoes. I could feel the tears press against my eyelids. 


I heard him groan.


This can't be good.


"So we're feisty today, huh? Feisty. Hm.. Feisty Fae. New name" He placed one of his big hand around my neck nad pinned me to the lockers. Then he whispered in my ear, while the tears starded to roll down my cheeks. "I quite like it, what about you Feisty Fae?"


A chill ran down my back as his breath hit my ear.


"DON'T YOU?" He yelled again. I nodded fast and looked away from him.


His angry face started to transform to his known smirk. TRANSFORMERS! Okay, I'll just stop now.


You probably think, how I can just joke around inside my head, when I'm near death. Maybe not near death, but CLOSE. Well, my answer to that os, that I'm used to it. In these 176623726727895 days I've been bullied, I've learned not to show any emotions. Well, almost. I do cry sometimes, just like now. But joking around inside my head, just helps me get through it. But I'm really bad at jokes.. like, EXTREMLY bad. So I just talk to you. My inside-my-head-audience-who-laugh-at-everything-I-say.. audience. 


He took my chin in his other hand and slowly turned my head to face him. His cruel smirk, his animally (I just made up a new word. It's animal, just with an 'l' and an 'y' in the end. It sounds cool. It's not word, is it? Well, if it isn't, it is now. I regret nothing!!!) green eyes and his snake likely curls. Shivers again. I hate him.


HATE HIM! (Hate him, hate him, hate him..)


Dramatic echo.


"So Feisty Fae, now we're going to forget this little event and walk to class, like nothing happened, right?". He smirked his cruel smirk so his cruel dimples was showend. I just nodded as reflex. He always said that. Just walk away, like nothing happened.


He released his grab and walked a few step backwards. But before he turned around to go to class, he slapped my other cheek, even harder than the first, and walked away while shouting 'Feisty Fae, Feisty Fae!'.


I fell down on the floor, leaning against my locker, and rubbed my cheek softly. That bastard. Thinks he can do whatever he want and own everything. Well. He actually could and did. That was the cruel truth. 


The crowd was gone and the same was Harry. 


I stood up, opened my locker and grabbed my books for first class. History. Great. Just what I needed.


I slung my bag over my shoulder again and walked down the hallway to the classroom with two heated cheeks and a sore bum.


Best start of school ever.






Relief filled my face.


Finally lunch time.


After the history class I had math and geography. 


As I said before, best start of school ever.


I got up from my seat in the back of the class and literally ran out. Better get some lunch before it's to late. 


I love food. It's like a bite of heaven. I haven't literally tasted heaven, but I'm sure it taste wonderful.


I actually use the word 'literally' a lot. Literally, literally, literally. This is fun. Nooooooot.


I walked down the hallway to the cafeteria. It smelled so good. It smells like.. Taco's? I LOVE TACO'S! WHO DOESN'T?!


So I sat there in the corner by myself, eating a perfect piece of taco, when this happened.


I felt something run down my neck. It was hot and sticky. I squealed and shaked it off. Everybody started laughing, including a know cruel looking, curly haired, black boots wearing boy. He stood right behind me. 


I thought of turning around and start yell at him, but I knew that wouldn't exactly make anything good happen. 


So I just decided to get up and run to the loo. 


I took the chance and started to run, but then I fell and faced the floor. He tripped me. Sigh. Why me? Is this even fair? NO! Who's with me? Please raise your hand! I hope you raised your hand, cause my inside-my-head-audience-who-laugh-at-everything-I-say.. audience did.


I got up from the floor and ran far far away and never looked back. Well, far far away is apparently the loo.


The tears streamed down my cheeks, when I looked at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were red from the slaps and my hair, neck and tee was full of taco fillings.. Gross. Don't judge me. I do like taco fillings, but in my taco, not in my hair or tee. 


I got all the fillings out and started to wash the worst of. I didn't help a lot, but whatever. 


I walked out from the loo and to my locker to get books for the next class, science. 


Science has always been my favorite class. I loved to do experiments. Yes, I sad 'loved', cause I don't anymore. I literally (there it was again ha-ha) hate science now. Guess why? *drumbeat* Curly has joined my team! Yay! Thanks for your applause! Sigh.


I walked to the science class and sat in the back while reading something in my book. Something about oxygen and hydrogen. Very fascinating. 


The chair next to me started to move. God! I got the force with me!


I looked up, and to my big disappointment, it was the cruel curly haired Harry. CCHH. Aha. I feel so hilarious. Wait, I got a joke! Why did Jenny fall off the swing? No guess? Okay. Wait for it, wait for it. BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T HAD ANY ARMS. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Not funny. It's all just some rubbish.


He slammed his books on the table, and brought me back to reality. 


He sat down on the chair and looked at me through his black Ray-ban sunglasses. I narrowed slightly at him and looked down in my book again. I could even feel his smirk widening on his face. 


A little piece of paper landed in front of me. I looked up at Harry and he pointed to the piece with his do-as-I-say-or-I-kill-you-look. Yes, that is a look. Snap. Sizzle. Soup. What?


I took the piece of paper and read it: 'Don't you dare narrow your eyes at me. You just got a whole week of bullying squeezed down to one day'. I looked up at him while biting my lip. 


He smirked at me while he stroked my hand gently. That handsome bastard! Did I just call him handsome? Wait, what! I didn't mean that! He's as far away to be handsome as anyone can be! That made sence, didn't it?


I flinched my hand away and looked at the teacher, who was telling something about todays experiment. And of course I had to make it together with Harry. How lucky I am, aye?


I heard him chuckle and then he leaned closer to me. 


He started whispering in my ear. "Tomorrow Feisty". He winked at me and pulled his head back.


He was planning to make this last year, to be my worst year.




I started to head home, since the school was over; Finally over. 


I started to walk my usual way back home. It was quiet and enjoyed very much.


I decided to take a little detour. No harm, aye.


When I was about half the way home, I heard footsteps behind me. 


I quickly turned around, but saw nothing. Maybe it's my inside-my-head-audience-who-laugh-at-everything-I-say.. audience. Okay, I get tired of that sentence now. I promise not to use it anymore now. Well, I can at least try.


Finally I got home. Safely as I could. My cheeks were still heated, but the pain was taking off.


I locked myself in and immediately walked to my bedroom to change my clothes.


I decided to put on my pyjamas, eat some pizza from yesterday and then head straight to bed.


How am I going to do this bullshit? Sorry.. children present.


A half hour later I fell asleep and never woke up again. Kidding. I did, but not before next day. Surprise! Act like you're are surprised, please. Thanks!



Hey peepz who's reading my story. Thanks about that, btw. This is my first Movella in English, and I'm very exited about it. See ---> O_O Yup, that's me. Ha-ha. Okay.

Well, I just wondered if you maybe could leave some feed back and maybe a little hint to, what I could do in the next chapter. It would mean a lot. 

P.s Like, put on favorite and share. Ily!♥


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