Most teenage girls would not take being kidnapped so well, but Alice Kingsleigh is an odd girl. Kidnap fic with a twist!


1. Oh dear.

Grey clouds hover as lightning strikes. A few seconds later, a clap of thunder shakes the ground. Fuck, it's about to pour. Wasn't the sun out and shining just a few minutes ago? It was when I started reading chapter four... I glance down at my book and realize I was now in the middle of chapter nine. Oh. 

Yanking my ear buds out of my ears, I shove my book into my bag and stand up. Just then, a drop of rain lands on my cheek. Closing my eyes, I turn my face up to the sky and savor the cool droplets. But when the drops come more frequently and begin to sting, I cover my eyes with my hand and try to find a place to wait the storm out. 

I spot a Starbucks sign a little ways down the street. As the rain pelts me, I run towards my shelter. Finally, the door is in sight. A tiny sigh of relief tries to escape my lips as I open the door, but the rush of cold air shoves it back down my throat.

It's freezing in here! I glance around as I chafe my arms, trying to warm up. There are only two people in here. An old man reading a newspaper in the corner and a girl, about mid-twenties, typing away on a laptop. I walk up to the counter already knowing what I'm going to order. 

"Can I help you?" The boy behind the counter smiles at me. He's cute. About two years older than me. Black hair and hazel/green eyes framed by full lashes.

I order my usual black coffee and when I pull out my PowerPuff Girls wallet, Starbucks boy snorts a little. I hand him the money with a smirk playing on my lips.

After handing me my change, he turns to make my drink. He stops mid-step and turns to face me. "What's your name?" He holds the marker an inch from the cup, raising one eyebrow at me.

I laugh. "I'm the only one here!"

"Yes, but I need your name, babe. Its a requirement." He winks. 

I hear a little ding, then the rush of rain and wind; someone must have come in. But I don't even turn around. This is insane. He's flirting with me. I don't even remember the last time a boy flirted with me. I feel my cheeks flush and let my damp hair fall around my face. 


"Alice..." Starbucks boy stops and his nose scrunches up for a second. "Pretty name for a pretty girl." He says abruptly.

Oh lord. This is just too much.
I walk to the other counter in a daze. Starbucks boy looks over his shoulder at me and grins. A tiny dimple pockets his left cheek. My heart pounds and I manage the tiniest curl of my lips in return. 

A minute later he hands me my coffee, purposely making our fingers brush. "So I guess everyone else has got it wrong. Alice drinks COFFEE, not TEA."

"Ha ha..." A choked laugh escapes. How do I respond to that? My mind races, in search of a witty reply. Why can't I function properly? 

The laugh dies on my lips and he just stares at me. Wow, great job, Alice.

"Uhm..." I turn to walk towards a table but come face to face with a dark blue sweatered chest.

"Oh!" I gasp as I try not to run into the other person. And since I'm not very coordinated, I lose my balance and feel myself begin to fall.

"Watch it!" I hear a voice say. My gray eyes meet a pair of bright blue orbs as a tanned hand reaches for me. But its too late, I'm already on my way to the floor. For some reason I feel as if I'm falling in slow motion. The need to hold on to my cup is there, so I raise it high. Unfortunately, I can't catch myself one handed and by the time I realize this my head has snapped back and made contact with the floor. A dull crack resounds through my brain. Ouch...

"Oh my god!" 

"Help her!"

"Is she hurt badly?"

Oh dear, I really hope I didn't spill my coffee...


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