A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


6. You are here

My mom went to my room and waked me up. "Margareth, there's a boy downstairs" she said. "Who?" I asked. She was smiling. Her smile is telling me that DON'T PLAY DUMB, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO HE IS. "Liam" she smiled and leave my room. My eyes widen. This isn't right. I got up, and fixed my hair. Not wanting to change my clothes. I love my PJs. I went downstairs. Went to the living room. What is he doing here? How did he know that I lived her? That questions popped to my head. He saw me. "Good Morning, Margareth" He said. He looks wonderful. His hair looks more glossy, I wanted to touch them. His eyes... Those eyes are staring at me. His beautiful brown eyes. It keeps me distracted "Are you okay?" He asked. He interrupts my thoughts. "Oh. I'm okay, Morning, Uhmmm.. Why are you here and how did you know that I lived here? " I replied "I was walking and I ran into Jianne, and asked her where do you live and then she told me. Yesterday, It started raining, I just wanted to make sure that you made home safe." He smiled. I blushed. That kind of sweet. Is he concern? Urgghh.. Why do I overthink things like this. What's happening. "I got home safe." I smiled at him. "I can see that" He laughs. My mom went to the room, interrupting us. "Liam, Did you ate your breakfast?" Mom asked. Is she inviting him to eat with us? No.. I can't eat properly around him. "Oh, Hi Mrs...." He said. My mom laughed. "Geena Stone." She replied. "Thank you for your invitation. But I already ate my breakfast. If you want me to join you and your family, I will be pleasured to join you." He replied. What is he doing. Talking like a 90's man. Cute. It suits him. My mom laughs. "Then, join us" Mom replied. "Okay, Mrs. Stone" He replied. He looks at me, He's smiling. "Come on. Breakfast is ready" He invites me. "Sure" I smiled. I lead him to the Dinning Room. He's following me. He's here, goig to have breakfast with us. What will I do? He grab one chair, and pull it out. "Here" he said. "Thank you" I replied. A gentleman. My mom smiled at me. Her smile is different. I wanted to tell her that he is just a friend, but I can't because he is here, sitting besides me. Mylittle brother is running down the stairs. And I was embarrased because my little brother keeps on saying that he is my boyfriend. And he is my first one. Liam was laughing. My mom served the food. And we started eating. My little brother, John keeps on copying what Liam does. Liam looks interested to my brother. So he started challenging him. When we finished eating, Liam helped my mom to wash the dishes. "It was grateful to have breakfast with your family, Margareth" he said to me. "Thank you. Did you like the food?" I asked. "Didn't liked it, Loved it" he smiles. "Good" I said. "I need to go now" Liam said. He said goodbye to my mom. He carried my little brother and do their handshake. They look good together. He went to me and said goodbye. " See you soon?" He asked. "Sure" I replied. "Next time I'll treat you" he said. "Okay" I replied. He went to the door. I accompanied him. He said another goodbye with a big smile. And I closed the door. When I turned around my mom is smiling like a crazy woman. "WHAT?!" I said. I run upstairs and went to bed. And imagined his beautiful eyes. 

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