A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


10. I see you, You see me.

I dont actually feel comfortable wearing this shoes. I regret walking wearing this shoes. I saw couples holding hands while walking. I dont actually understand why people do those things. I was walking then I hear a beep from a car. I stopped. The car stopped at my side and the window of the car went down and then I saw his face. Liam's face. "You look great in Flowers and Peach, get in" He smiled "Okay?" I said shyly. "I never saw you wearing that kind of shoes. Actually it fits you" he said. "Oh, my mother picked this outfit, Thank you for that compliment. Flower, peach and doll shoes is not actually my thing you know" I replied. He laughed. He has a shining shimering eyes. I wanted to stare at them for a long time. "By the way, this is Bown, he is my driver" He said. Bown looked at me and smiled. "Hi Bown, Nice meeting you" Bown smiled. I think he is a loyal driver. I dont know he is kind of a person who understands other people. That is my first impression of him. "Here we are" Liam said. "Wow this place is beautiful" I smiled at him. "My father and mother used to play with me here." He smiled and looked down. "Memories?" I asked "Yes" he replied and his smile has return. Does this place make him sad or happy because of his memories of his family? I wanted to ask him but I cant because he might be pissed off because of that. I dont want to make him remember things that hurt him. "Lets go" he smiled "Okay" I replied. He headed the way. The park is so beautiful but we're not going to stay there. There's this one building that is looked like a garden. "Close your eyes" he said. I do what he said. I closed my eyes. "Dont peek, okay?" he said "Okay" I replied. "This place is very important. My dad built this for my Mom. My mom used to love gardening, when she passed away my dad planned to build this for people to relax or to be with someone, who they love. Open your eyes" he said. I opened my eyes. I was so touched about the story of his family. But I didn't know that his mom passed away. The garden is so colorful. "Wow! This place is wonderful. Im sure that your parents love each other so much." I smiled at him. He smiled and faced me. He started walking with that big smile. I followed him. He started setting the blanket and all the foods. "Need any help?" I asked him "Nope" he smiled at me. After a minute, he was done setting our place. He started talking about his life. And I started to talk about my life too. He has a lovely family. His dad didn't stop loving his wife and that didn't stop him to care about their son.

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