A girl wanted her school days to be over. But she wishes that the days should never end when he met a guy. She realizes that he likes her best friend, so she decided to avoid him. But deep inside that guy likes her so much.


9. Clothes

I went home and changed my clothes, actually I dont know what to wear. Should I get dressed or is it just a normal treat by a friend? Urgh! Cant decide. I open my closet and the first thing I saw is my peach aero shirt. I dont know what to pair with this kind of color. I dont actually where this colors. Do I have a choice? My mom saw me holding it. "You should wear a floral pants" she said.  "I dont have those kinds of pants." I replied. "I have one, use it" my mom seems happy. She dont actually smile like that. "Okay, sure" I replied. She went to her room and came back with the pants. "Its beautiful" I said. My mom smiled and went out of my room. The pants fits me. It actually fits me. The problem is I dont know what shoe what to wear. My mom throw something at me. Its a shoe. A doll shoes, peach colored shoe, with ribbon at the front. I laughed "Seriously?!" My mom smiled "Its a date. You should be pretty." I smiled "Its not. But sure i will wear those shoes" I smiled at her. I went off and blow a kiss for my mother. She dont actually do those things for me. 

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