You've Fallen For Me

Niall and Kate know each other since they we’re in 1st grade. They we’re best friend and their family are close too. But when Kate’s brother graduated, her mom decided to transfer Kate to her brother’s school so that they we’re together. What will happen to their friendship when Niall found out that Kate really need to move to another school? What will Kate do to confess her feelings to her best friend? And what will happen to them when they get at their right age? Will Niall date Kate and marry her or not? Find out.


10. Moment Of Truth

Niall’s POV

So, Kate where do you want to go? I asked Kate. And she said anywhere with me. I was blushing, as red as a tomato so I look at the floor so that she won’t able to see me blushing. ater that I told her that we are going for a window shop. And she nodded. We went to Penshoppe to buy clothes and I want her to help which one I’m going to buy. I picked some cardigans and some Tees. Those sales lady are weird, their eyes are glued on me and they we’re saying “Yun ba yung isang miyembro ng One Direction, si Niall ang gwapo grabe” I can’t understand them so I asked them to speak in English. A sales lady name Danica said that Am I with a band called One Direction? I look familiar. And so I said I’m Niall Horan of One Direction. After I paid for the clothes that we bought, they all ask for a picture. They even ask me who is the girl with me.. Am I dating her or not. She is my Best Friend Kate Alonzo, we know each other since we we’re still young and yes I’m dating her, I replied. Danica said that Kate was so lucky having a true friend and a good boyfriend to be. She even told us that she wishes our relationship could work and lasts forever. Then we went to another boutique called Candy. It’s a girly things so I was just sitting on a small couch inside the store. Then suddenly, another sales lady ask Kate who’s with her, so she is referring to me. I’m waiting for Kate to answer, a bit scared for what she’s going to say. Then I wasn’t expecting that Kate will tell her that I’m her boyfriend but I know it’s just a joke.

Kate why did you tell to the sales lady that we we’re dating? And why did you tell her that I’m your boyfriend.

Kate’s POV

First it was true, second Uhm. But it’s true right? You are dating me and I’m dating you. You know what Niall (Kate is starting to cry) I’ve been in love with you since we we’re young I’m afraid to tell you that because I don’t want to ruin the happy and strong friendship we have. I remember when you confessed your feelings to me when we are in 7th grade. Supposed to be I will also tell you that I really like you. Then a dead air happened. Niall at the first place I like you. I’ve been in love for you for so long so what would be your feelings now? Now you know the truth. You know what, my heart break into thousands of pieces when you told me about your feelings for Thea. I never been jealous before that. I hate seeing you with Thea together. Whenever you go to our house I felt like I’m one of the happiest girl in the world. My sister Elaira always tell me that I’m really lucky having you as my best friend and crush because I always talk to you. And you’re always there for me. My mind said I wasn’t that lucky because lastime I think you only treat me like your friend. But then I realized I’m the luckiest girl on Earth having both a best friend and a Crush with me when I have problems. Niall I love you in the first place and in the last. 

Niall’s POV

I’m shocked from Kate’s words that came from her mouth. I hug her and wipe her tears away and told her that: I wasn’t expecting that you’ll tell me about your feelings since we are still young Kate. All I know is your status with me is your best friend. You don’t know how happy I am now. For all this time, I thought you we’re just my friend and now soon to be a girlfriend. You make me so happy Kate. I won’t ever forget this day.

After the shopping Niall drove Kate to her hotel and give her a good night kiss in the lips. And told Kate how much he love her.

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