tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


8. 8

His finger traced my jawline. I started to shake a bit from fear, he moved his mouth next to my ear, "im not gonna hurt you"i looked at him, grazing at his gorgeous blue eyes,they drew me in every time "then w-what ar-" he lifted my chin and kissed along my jawline. his hands slid down the slides of my body and back up repatedly. he whisperd "i warned you.." He growled slighty and picked me up. i wrapped my legs around his wasit. he smashed his lips onto mine and slighty grabbed my ass. He slipped past my lips and started nibbling and sucking on my neck. i let out the slightest moan, and it sent him off. He was like and animal out of control. "N-Niall...stop.."  he stopped and pulled his lips away from me,he sat me down an looked at my neck, "uh-alex.." i notcied where he was staring and i ran to the bathroom. "Ooooooh FUCK! Louis is going to kill me,I'm DEAD!" Niall appeared behind me and spun me around. "so, still think im dangerous?" I chuckled and smiled i pushed him against the bathroom wall and leanded towards his lips. My fingers began to trace his jawline while my lips attracted themseleves to his neck. His breathing became uneasy and heavy.He closed his eyes and let out a slight,quiet moan. "you want me,my body,all of me" i was taunting him, i light kissed his lips. " prove yourself worthy" i left him there eyes closed breathing heavy. I walked downstairs and answered my ringing phone "hello??"

"hi this is dr. McGowen is this alex?"  I shuttered "yes.. why?"

"its your brother.. Louis Ms tomlinson he.." i stared stright ahead. The phone slipped out of my head and the docters voice traveled away,  i felt my eyes being filled with tears NO..no.. i loose louis.. his my only family left. Niall heard the crash of my phone colliding witht he ground. Then he saw me start to fall over as well. "ALEXX!"  He caught me right before i smacked the ground. i remember him shaking me.and getting worried and...tearing up? Then everything went dark and i passed out.

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