tears, summer ,boys and trouble

i woke up to someone jumping hardcore on my bed
"alex! get up ! its summer! c'mon let's gooooooo!"


12. 12

Louis was dead, gone, forever i coudlnt handle it. Not the slightest bit at all 'You'll be okay love. just try and have a good time with Niall okay? I love you so much girl! <3" Rhiannon texted me. I kinda forgot i was with Niall considering neither of us really talked. He was in the kitchen i got up and walked to him when he saw me he hugged me tightly. I locked eyes with him. His gorgeours light blue eyes that drew me in everytime. "Take me upstairs please?" He asked no questions and carried me to his bedroom and laid me in his bed. I feel asleep after that

Nialls P.O.V

Shes beautiful when she sleeps, so clam so peaceful and she needed it after the day shes had today. she probably forgot all about when she whispered to me eariler she was waking up now though "Good morning beautiful" i said it made her smile god how i loved her smile. This is the first time she's actually smiled since she talked to the docter about her brother. "How'd ya' sleep?" "good" she said. a smile creeping up on her cheeks, causing her dimples to show a tad. I got up to let her stretch but her small frale arm grabbed my hand. "No..dont" She looked me in the eyes. "whatever happends..dont stop" What was this girl on about? with that she pressed her soft lips onto mine. I instatly knew what she meant, i snaked my arms around her waist. pulling her closer to me. She wraped her hands around my neck. I picked her up and lightly placed her on my bed. she wrapped her legs around my waist as i slip my hand up and down her body. I went in and out of her shirt and bra. She unbottined my shirt slowly slid it off before tossing it on the ground. Before i knew it, there was clothes scatted everywhere. She shot out my name and left a row of scratches on my back. She let out a few moans, and things slowed down. I lifted my head to meet her graze i kissed her and i wishpeard "i love you" and belive me, this time it isntjust a word to me i actually meant it.

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