Guardian Angel

Isabella Freestone has lived a normal life (or as normal as it gets when you're part angel) and she couldn't wish for anything better. However, when she discovers that the people she has been living with for as long as she can remember aren't her real family, she begins the search for her biological parents. The only problem is, they are almost impossible to track down. Will she ever manage to track them down? What if they aren't what she expects? Will they even remember her?


1. Prologue

It was late. The puddles of rain water splashed underfoot as the hooded figure pushed on through the deadly storm; her lace-up, high heeled boots clicking across the uneven pavement. She resented travelling by foot, but her usual transport would attract far too much attention to her.

At last, she stopped in front of the scarlet door of number 13. A single light was on in the living room; or perhaps that was the kitchen. What did it matter? At least someone was home.

Thud, thud, thud.

She heard shuffling behind the door and then the tell-tale click of a lock. The door creaked open to reveal exactly who she had been looking for and flooded the street with light.

This was no longer the boy she had gone to school with; he was about two heads higher than she was, and a golden wedding band shone on his finger. His blonde hair was neatly groomed, his brown eyes seemed almost cynical as he eyed the mysterious girl before him.

With one hand, since the other was concealed under her cloak, she pushed back her hood, allowing her long, red waves to cascade down her back, revealing her azure blue eyes and the marbled scar on the right-hand side of her white neck.

“Please,” she whispered, “I need your help. You’re the only one I can trust.”

Recognition dawned on the young man’s face and shifted his gaze to her concealed arm. She readjusted her long, black coat slightly to reveal a sleeping baby.

“Come inside.” The man opened the door further, letting his old friend in, and, after a quick glance around to ensure they weren’t being watched, he slowly closed the door…

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