Harry and Marcel are brothers. They help each other through everything. But they have a difference between each other. Harry is a bad boy and a defender when it comes to his brother. He always threat the people in school who bullies Marcel. And Marcel is the "nerd" one in school.He is the smart one he always got high grades and scores in school.He always got beaten up and got threaten not to say to his borther, but whenhe comes home, Harry always notice it and then Harry's blood is boiling when we sees bruised & cuts in his face.

Are they going to continue loving eachother as a brothers?

Is Harry will stop defecding his own brother?

Or Is Marcel will continue to being bullied?


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2. Chapter 1

It was Monday, again. Sigh. I'm going to hell oh I mean, school. I never really want to go but my mom wanted me to. But, I'm good at Math, actually.  She doesn't know I was always beaten up and bullied. I was the "nerd" one whilst my brother; Harry is the "attractive" one. I don't really blame him because he always protects me. He always asked me questions like, 'Who did this to you?!' when he sees bruised on my face.

Speaking to my mom, she does not see any of my bruises nor cuts on my face because she always had a night shift. Yea. I washes it as fast as I could before she see it.

Okay, back to reality, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth after taking a fresh bath. I wore my uniform and my glasses. I headed downstais to eat Cheerios.

After eating, i told Gemma goodbye and started walking to school since it only take 20 minutes to walk. I finally reached it and heard mumbling noises on the left and saw weird looks and bad looks on the right. The worst thing is, Harry wasn't here. He's always late. He's probably taking a bath right now.

I continued walking ignoring the noises and weird glances on both sides. I went on my first period, Math. Great. I love Math more than any subjects. But, don't get me wrong, I love the other subjects but Math's the most.

We started the class and I'm always the one who recites and got high scores. Yee!


I just finished my whole schedule and I was heading back to my house. I started walking and someone just grabbed my bag which cuasing me to stop walking.

I closed my eyes. Argh, this is happening again. I turned my head and saw, Jessica,Nicole,Jacelamy,Emmanuelle,Jack,Laurence,Jasper and Michael. Yup, they're my bullies. The only ones that is my friends are, Jullianna,Marjana,Enzi,Thea and Jamie. And course, Harry.

"Where do you think you're going?" Michael asked. He is the leader of their "gang" thingy. I swallowed my own saliva tryin to find words to spit.

"Uh..erm..I'm just heading back home." I managed to say. And without any hesitation, he punched me and the whole of his gang started to punch and kick me hard. And the next thing i knew, I was knocked out.

Marjana beloww v v v v v v v

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