Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


15. Off The Gird

Louis' POV
"It's me, John. Juniper's father," The man says, and Niall and I go white as a sheet.
I look at Niall and he just stares at John. As far as we both knew, Juniper's father died five years ago. I don't know how, but it was pretty clear he wasn't a living thing anymore. But Niall knows this man and believes him. I can tell.
"Umm. . .I guess. . . come in?" Niall says hesitantly, opening the door wider and John steps inside with a nod of thanks.
"Uh, sir, not to be ruse or anything, but aren't you supposed to be dead?" I ask. John smirks at me and looks to Niall.
"Does he know?" John says, intently staring at Niall. Niall shakes his head.
"All he knows is that you, supposedly, died five years ago. Nothing else," Niall says curtly. John nods and sighs, then looks at me.
"I'm sorry son, but could you leave and go be with my daughter? I need to talk to Niall in private for a bit. I'll call you when I'd like you to bring her out to me," John says smiling at me. I smile back tightly and nod, standing and moving to leave. I give Niall's arm a reassuring squeeze as I pass by. Then I go into Junie's room, hoping to distract her for as long as John and Niall need.

Niall's POV
I watch Louis leave and wait until I hear Junie's door shut, then say, "What makes you think you can let her believe you're dead for five years and just suddenly appear out of nowhere and think I'd let you near her?" I spit the words out at him. I'm not scared of Mr. John Kelly, no matter his training or background. He won't hurt me for the same reason he won't hurt Junie-- I'm like a son to him.
"Listen, Niall-- son-- hear me out," He says, holding his hands up in surrender. He pats the couch and we both sit down.
"I faked my death," He begins, looking me straight in the eye. "The agency was beginning to use my family as a threat to get me to do more missions and do better at them. I couldn't take anyone insulting my wife and daughter and son, so I rethought their words. They said if I came back a failure, they'd kill my family. But, what if I didn't come back?" He says, his eyes pleading for me to understand. My breath hitches as I realize his plan.
"You faked your death to get you and your family off the grid," I say, nodding in understanding as he smiles.
"I new you could figure it out, ya little leprechaun," He playfully says, ruffling my already messy hair.
"Anyway, so I 'died.' Then I knew what came next-- the waiting. I had to wait long enough for the agency to stop bothering with my files and my family before I swooped in and told them I missed them. Sadly the swooping had to wait five years," He says, frowning slightly and sighing.
"I'm so sorry," He says looking back up at me. "I'm so sorry I led you to believe I was gone. I'm so sorry I caused so much pain to everyone, especially to Junie, which I know means I caused you pain. I'm so sorry I left without a goodbye. I regret the goodbye thing the most. I said a normal work goodbye to the family, but I said nothing to the man I knew was going to look after my baby girl once I left. I never said goodbye or thank you," He says.
I shake my head. "It's okay. Yes it caused pain. Lots of it. But having you back for good and not as an agent, even if it took five years of patience and grief, is better in the long run."
He nods and clasps my shoulder with a smile on his face.
"Can I see my daughter now?" John asks, eyes pleading and anxious.
"Uh sure," I say. "LOUIS! BRING HER!"
I hear scuffling down the hall, then a giggle and some footsteps, getting louder and louder as my heart beat crashes against my chest.
Junie appears in the doorway with Louis at her arm. She looks at me, standing near the entryway of the common room.
"What is it?" Juniper asks.
"Me, sweetheart," John says, standing up from the couch and moving so she can see him better.
Juniper's gasps hitch in her throat and her eyes well up with tears. "It can't be," She almost whispers. "Y-You were gone. . . We buried you. . ." She says, staring dumbfoundedly at her father.
"No sweetheart, I'm still very much alive," John says opening his arms.
Junie lets out a strangled sob and runs toward John, jumping up and him catching her in a tight hug.
They both cry in each other's arms, laughing and smiling as tears of happiness escape. I watch as a father and daughter become one. I watch as sorrow is washed away and happiness fills its place. As Junie cries and grips her father, I realize just how real this is. John really is back. And Junie really is happy.

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